A Look at Current Issues In College Football

Good day Bearcat fans, I personally wanted to thank all of you first for your support of my articles this year writing for Bearcat Insider. It has been a fun experience and I hope to continue to write great articles for you to read.

Second, I wanted to thank all bearcat fans who supported the Cats all season long and Bearcat Insider who brought you the latest and most complete news on Bearcat football. Now, let's try and discuss some current issues in college football.

1.) Cincinnati vs. Southern Mississippi-I am so excited about this bowl game on Saturday. It's another opportunity for UC to prove it belongs in the Top 15 in the final polls. It's also an opportunity to get to 10 wins for the first time since 1951. The most exciting thing is that the Bearcat fans will be in Birmingham in full force. UC is probably going to come close or even sell out it's tickets it received from the Papa Johns.com bowl, is that awesome or what? This is exactly what the Cats needed in order to show bowl committees in the future that the Cats have a viable fan base that will travel. Expect the Cats to lay it on the Golden Eagles by two touchdowns, the Cats have too much offense and defense to be stopped. I'll be in attendance, hope to see you there as well!

2.) Rich Rodriguez leaving for Michigan-I know that the WVU fans feel betrayed and are very upset at Coach Rod but this is a business that is so unpredictable and you never know what is the motivation of a coach at the time he makes a decision. Some coaches look for fresh challenges, while others are content to stay where they are. This is not a bad move for Michigan. If your main motivation is to beat OSU, which we all know is the case, the spread offense is the kryponite to Clark Tressel. OSU struggles with offenses that spread them out and also that have speed at the QB, RB and WR positions. Michigan has historically had a QB with great passing ability but no escapablity from incoming pass rushers. A mobile QB could be just what the doctor ordered. Will the Big East miss Coach Rod? Absolutely, but WVU will find another capable Head Coach and the Big East will remain intact.

3.) Coaching Changes-While I can certainly understand the business of coaching, something should be done to penalize coaches from leaving a school or team prematurely. Since the NCAA penalizes a student-athlete that transfers within Division 1 by making them sit out a year, how about making a coach sit out for a period of time if he breaks his contract early. A coach should at least be held to the length of his contract, after that he can negotiate and talk to who he wants. A coach should have to sign a non-compete clause which would require him to sit out of coaching for at least two years before getting another job. What message does it send when a coach can leave with no penalties and the players suffer but players can't transfer without sanctions or they cannot be let out of their letter of intent unless the university grants permission? Isn't that a double standard? In the end, if it wasn't for the student athletes, coaches wouldn't have jobs!

Finally, student-athletes need to be paid a stipend on a monthly basis. Many student-athletes may come from families that would not have been able to pay for school if a scholarship was not given. I know many people will say that getting your school paid for is payment enough and I would agree if the value of a scholarship was equal to the amount of money the NCAA brings in off of athletics but it's not even close. Even if you gave the student-athlete $300 per month, it would solve alot of problems the NCAA has with athletes taking money from boosters, agents, and other sources. When a fan walks into the UC bookstore and buys a number 9 bearcat football jersey, they are not buying it because of UC but because it's the jersey of Ben Mauk.
Ben would not even get a portion of the money made on the jersey but yet his name is being sold. Is that fair? I think this needs to be changed. What do you think? I want to know!

Go Bearcats beat USM!!!!!

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