Milligan Surprised On Official Visit

The pressure was off, Danny Milligan knew he was a Bearcat and taking his official visit was just a matter of him showing up. But oh how he enjoyed it. Bearcat Insider spoke with Milligan after he returned from his visit to see how everything went and why he was surprised by what he saw.

"I really enjoyed myself," Milligan told Bearcat Insider upon his return home from the University of Cincinnati campus and his official visit.

The St. Xavier High School product has been on the UC campus many times before but never has he really taken the time to see what all his hometown university had to offer. Was he surprised?

"This was the first time I really had a chance to see the campus other than coming here to play a game. Being from Cincinnati you kind of take it for granted and don't think much about it until you get the chance to really look at everything it has to offer. After seeing things I've never seen before I knew I'd made the right choice to be a Bearcat."

During the weekend Milligan along with several other prospects and future teammates enjoyed spending time getting to know each other and having some fun in the process. During his stay he roomed with crosstown rival Brandon Mills of Colerain and that made for some interesting conversations.

"Brandon doesn't really talk a lot but he's a great guy. There were no hard feelings between us but we did bring it up every once in awhile. I know what he's going through with people talking about him being too small, but I can tell you he's really a great player and deserves to have a scholarship at this level."

While Mills has seen the Bearcat coaches keeping an eye on him this season, he's not the only one on the visit list Danny knew about.

"I knew D.J. Woods when we were younger and I lived in that part of Ohio. With me being here for the past five years and being surprised with what I saw, I know D.J. came not expecting what he ended up seeing. Several of us talked with him about coming here and I feel he's really going to look at UC hard."

For Danny the weekend was laid out as he was handed a schedule upon his arrival.

"Everything was scheduled for us and we had to stay on track to make sure we got everything done. On Friday we saw a little bit of the campus and then had dinner and some fun at Game Works. This allowed us to compete against each other and really have a chance to relax and enjoy ourselves. On Saturday we got a better look at the campus by touring the dorms, stadium and Varsity Village. We also had some free time to spend with our guides and that was fun before we went to dinner at Montgomery Inn. It was then off to the basketball game to watch the Bearcats win a big game. UC has a young scrappy team that is great fun to watch and is on their way up in the Big East."

During his stay Danny found his host to be a great guy while also having the chance to visit with a future teammate.

"Alex Delisi was my host and he's really a great guy. He's also friends with Drew Frey who was hosting Patrick Lambert and we all hung out together. Patrick is from Florida and all weekend he was complaining about how cold it was here in Ohio. The three of us are from Ohio and Michigan and we're wearing fleece outerwear and he's dressed in a sweatshirt and jacket telling us how he didn't like the cold. We just looked at him and told him these were some really nice days for this time of the year here in Ohio."

While Danny waits for National Signing Day to come and make him a real part of the Bearcats program, he's enjoying everything that has come his way. He's living a dream to be a college football player and he's doing it in his own backyard where those who watched him play his prep career can still stop and see him perform.

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