Patience Name of Game For Mickens

Bearcats cornerback Mike Mickens talks with Bearcat Insider about his choice to remain at Cincinnati for his senior season.

Having teenage children of my own, I'm always shocked at how fast they want things without putting the required work in to receive it. University of Cincinnati cornerback Mike Mickens heard the talk of picking up an NFL payday, and after careful consideration made a choice that affects him, his family and the Bearcats football program. How did Mike come to this choice?

"I sat down and spoke with my family and a couple of my high school coaches. Coach Powell and Coach Mukes have always been there and I felt confident in confiding in them about this decision. While I received a favorable report from the NFL that projected me as a third-round selection, everyone felt it would be wise to stay for another season; get bigger and stronger and possibility improve my chances of going higher in next year's draft. This year a lot of defensive backs have declared and waiting another year should place me in a better position."

On track to earn his degree next spring, Mickens also looked towards a few of his former high school teammates to bounce the idea of leaving off of.

"I spoke with Marcus Freeman (Ohio State) and Greg Orton (Purdue) since we've all been very close since high school. Each of us thought about leaving our schools and turning pro, but after talking with each other we really wanted to all come out together and be in the same draft. When all was said and done we know it's going to be there when it's our time to go."

Another person Mike listened to was former Bearcat John Bowie who was selected in last year's draft by the Oakland Raiders. After a year in the league, what did the former Bearcat tell Mike?

"John said to be patient. He told me I was going to make it and wanted to know if I wanted third-round money or the chance to improve, help the program reach another level and possible go in a higher round."

While Mike knows even third-round money is good, the chance to return for his senior season and help the program take the next steps needed towards winning a Big East title played a major role.

"Next season we're set up to have a very good season. With Oklahoma and Hawaii on the schedule as well as our Big East schedule we'll have a chance to earn a BCS berth. So instead of working toward the draft I'll be working this offseason getting ready for us to have our best season ever."

While we've been busy talking about the members of the Class of 2008, Mike Mickens may be the biggest recruit the Bearcats will have next season.

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