"It's The Little Things That Count"

Thursday University of Cincinnati head football coach Brian Kelly made an in-home visit to the home of wide receiver D.J. Woods. Woods, who will visit Michigan this weekend, has shortened his list with the Bearcats and Wolverines sitting neck-to-neck. The star wide receiver breaks it down and talks about why Cincinnati has now found itself in the running.

After making an in-home visit with D.J. Woods and his parents all the star wide receiver could talk about was how impressed he was with the direction of his recruiting. After going through one of the most unique recruiting experiences in recent memory, Woods and his parents look forward to ending all the talk, coaches' call and spotlight that has been shined on them the past several months.

"We're all tired of this and kind of stressed out about everything that has happened," D.J. told Bearcat Insider on Thursday night. "We hope the third time is a charm and we'll finally put this behind us and get back to a normal life. I'm very happy this will be the last one and it'll be a huge weight off my shoulders."

Having previously given verbal commitments to Nebraska and West Virginia only to see coaching changes, Woods knows this decision will play a huge role in the remainder of his life.

"This is a big decision and I'm so happy that I took the time to visit Cincinnati. I would have regretted picking a school without looking at every program that showed an interest in me."

While many people get caught up in all the hype surrounding some of the bigger named college programs, Woods has learned you can't judge a book by its cover.

"I've learned it's not all about the "Bling-Bling" you see on television or read about. You really shouldn't overlook a school because of its ranking or the number of seats in its stadium. I've learned to watch for the little things during all of this. It's the little things that count the most in finding the best fit for me."

Very mature words from such a young person may make some scratch their heads. But after all Woods and his family have seen, they've learned to find out the minor details and then use them to help make a final decision. But there has been pressure.

"Yes, I feel the pressure to go to a bigger school. Some of the people in my school have asked my why I've not just picked Michigan, but their not in my shoes or have they seen the things I've seen."

If Woods picks the Bearcats over Michigan he'll surprise many who've followed his journey, a journey that only a few months ago didn't even include the Bearcats during most of the year. Woods who was in attendance for the Bearcats game against West Virginia said afterwards he came more to see the Mountaineers. But after much thought and an official visit later Woods is in position to make the Bearcat faithful feel it's won one of the highest profiled recruiting battles in its history.

"I went to the West Virginia game with my trainer Mark Harris. He's been one that has pushed for me to take a hard look at Cincinnati because he feels it's the best fit for me. On the way down he told me to just keep an open mind and I've tried to do just that. While I did want to see West Virginia, I also kept an eye on Coach Kelly to see how he was with his players in the heat of battle. When it was over I could've cared less if they won or loss, but I did see some things that opened my eyes and after my official visit Cincinnati was even with Michigan."

One of the main reasons for Woods positive feelings for the Bearcats is what he's seen in wide receiver coach Charley Molnar.

"Coach Molnar has been a receivers coach for a long time and really knows what he's doing. He sat me down and laid it all out on the table for me. When I left I knew what my future would hold if I picked Cincinnati."

For Woods and his family there is another long road trip ahead to another school with a fan base hoping come Monday or Tuesday they'll hear D.J. Woods telling someone he's a commitment to their school. Whatever that decision may be, Bearcat fans have got to love the fact this coaching staff made such an impression on one of the top players in the country. While no one will claim a moral victory for coming in second, the chance of surprise is real and as D.J.'s father Derrick told me on Thursday night.

"Dave, we may shock the world Monday."

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