Kelly Tells Crowd Get Ready For "Full Course"

Brian Kelly addressed the crowd during the halftime of the UC-Pitt basketball game and had some interesting things to say.

Brian Kelly sure knows how to work a crowd. When the Bearcat football coach got in front of over 10,000 fans Saturday night, he had them eating out of their hand. He talked about the success of the 2007 football team and thanked the fans for their support. Then he said the first ten win season since 1951 was just an appetizer. Then he set the bar pretty high.

Did he say they were going to win the Big East this year? I don't think he flat-out proclaimed it. There's probably some wiggle room in there but it sure sounded like he said the University of Cincinnati was going to win the conference championship.

Look at our video and judge for yourself.
Check out this video: Brian Kelly at Halftime

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