Haruki Nakamura Chat Transcript

Haruki Nakamura spent almost an hour in the Bearcat Insider chat room. Here is the transcript from the chat for those who didn't have a chance to take part in it.

NAKA13 has entered the room

<NAKA13> hey sorry I'm late

<DaveBerk> everyone welcome Haruki Nakamura

<UCWoody> welcome, Haruki

<NAKA13> how's everyone doing tonight?

<BearcatOldTimer> Awesome, welcome Haruki, big fan here!

<NAKA13> thank you I appreciate

<lambertb> congrats on a fine season and career. . .

<jfox3> how was your Sr Bowl experience?

<NAKA13> Thank you. It was an absolutely great experience just because of the fact I might get the chance to play in the NFL

<NAKA13> on top of that I was in Hawaii

<bearcatbob1024> How intense were the players during the game and practice compared to a real game? Feel any extra pressure?

<NAKA13> I didn't feel quite as much pressure as the other guys were. Everyone was trying to do things that they aren't used to or capable of doing. I just stuck to having fun and playing the way I play

<jfox3> hopefully the Bengals talked to you they need help at safety any other scouts talk to you?

<NAKA13> haha the Bengals scouts were not there

<bearcatbob1024> cause they don't have any

<DaveBerk> it cost too much to send someone to Hawaii

<NAKA13> But I did talk to quite a few scouts. The most interested were the Patriots, Ravens, Eagles, Dolphins, 49ers, and a couple others

<bearcatbob1024> when you first started at UC did you ever imagine that your senior year would have been as strong as it was and you would have a shot at the NFL?

<NAKA13> In my family we set our goals above and beyond. It keeps you at a high competitive level. even if you don't get those goals, you still over achieve some of the things that others set at a lower bar

<Moeller1> Are they looking at you at safety only?

<NAKA13> yes, but I have talked to some of the Bengals scouts before and they have already seen a lot of my film

<NAKA13> yes safety and a little nickel

<UCWoody> what are the questions that scouts ask in that environment?

<NAKA13> they asked a lot about my personal background just growing up and about my family history

<BearcatOldTimer> That work ethic will take you far, my friend

<NAKA13> well I hope so

<NAKA13> It's brought me here and I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity

<UCWoody> do you talk much to past Bearcats who are now in the NFL?

<NAKA13> Yes, I just talked to Celek the other day and I catch with Bowie and a few other guys as well

<jfox3> have they given you a round that they are looking to draft u @?

<NAKA13> Well I've been told anything as high as 6th round to free agent. Everyone just wants to see how well I run

<BearcatOldTimer> Would love to see another Bearcat in Phily - the other two have worked out real well.

<NAKA13> Yes they have, congrats to Trent. Another guy who the NFL said was too small and wouldn't make it.

<jfox3> he's a pro bowler too!

<jfox3> how many other Bearcats will be at the combine with you in Indy?

<NAKA13> Well I actually didn't get invited. I was told I had a decent amount of votes but it was not enough for an invite. Angelo Craig is the only one going.

<jfox3> surprising

<Moeller1> whats you're best 40 time?

<NAKA13> I have been clocked at a 4.43 and a 4.45 before in college as a sophomore

<lambertb> what advice would you give to a freshman coming to Cincinnati?

<NAKA13> Never stop believing. Opportunities come when you least expect it. Freshman year can be frustrating, but goods things always come when you work hard

<UCWoody> are there any other options for those who don't go to combine?

<NAKA13> Yes we have a pro day in early march. Every team is supposed to be represented there because so many seniors have a shot. So it is basically like the combine

<jfox3> your record shows you all have talent there should be some taken in the draft

<lambertb> what are the coaches like

<NAKA13> Very honest dedicated coaches

<NAKA13> they were scream and yell if you do something wrong, but will use that same sort of volume when you do something right

<bearcatbob1024> who's idea was it to start going over to the student section before each game? I really like that

<NAKA13> When we came out of the tunnel, and we saw all those students, we just started running over there. it was spur of the moment kind of thing

<UCWoody> is your diet different now than it was during the season or last summer?

<NAKA13> I cut out a lot of junk that I was eating. I added a few protein meal replacements to added a little weight and I eat more vegetables

<jfox3> what was your favorite moment on the field at UC?

<SeniorBearcat> What was your favorite game at Nippert?

<NAKA13> wow those are tuff

<NAKA13> Senior night with my mother even though we lost. She's been my motivation through everything. Favorite game has to be Rutgers

<DaveBerk> Haruki, how much has changed since the first time Bearcat Insider started coming to practice and no other media people were in sight

<NAKA13> Well I tell you what, when we started winning, a lot more coat and ties started showing up with cameras and all that good stuff

<NAKA13> BI always was in the house though. The UPs and downs

<SeniorBearcat> You think Ben will get another year at QB? Do the coaches seem optimistic?

<NAKA13> I'm pretty sure he will. He has a good argument so there should be no reason why he shouldn't

<DaveBerk> What will you remember 10-20 years from now about UC

<NAKA13> the vicious winter workouts my freshman year that brought a toughness to a team that no other person could understand. And our 10 win season by a team who was told that we didn't have enough talent to be a top 25 team

<bearcatbob1024> after football, whether soon or 20 years from now any plans or things you want to do? Besides attending UC games of course?

<NAKA13> well i think i want to get into coaching. I wouldn't mind coaching for the bearcats one day

<bearcatbob1024> who wouldn't want to get paid to go to UC games? We fans would love to have you associated with the program in some way

<NAKA13> I think one day I will def come back to coach be associated one way or another

<SeniorBearcat> Pick 2 people who will surprise (sleeper candidates) UC fans next season on Defense.

<NAKA13> Brandon Underwood, and I think Delisi

<ptresey5> Ruki, how is training going? What's it like to have an agent?

<NAKA13> it's going well. haha he is doing a fine job helping me out through the whole process

<shaftjohnson> What were the major differences between playing under Dantonio vs. Kelly

<NAKA13> Coach D had a more grinding style of coaching. He built the program on toughness and hard work. Coach Kelly is a great promoter of the program and brings lot of excitement.

<NAKA13> Coach Kelly has winning down. He made me understand a lot of things I didn't know before

<BearcatOldTimer> I think several of the "Nakamura era" Bearcats will find their way into coaching

<BearcatOldTimer> solid, smart young men

<shaftjohnson> which coach did you like playing for the most?

<NAKA13> Coach Coombs because he is always crazy excited. There is never a dull moment with him around.

<bearcatbob1024> after the bowl game, when did it hit you that you were done playing in a Bearcats uniform? Had to be somewhat sad?

<NAKA13> It hit me when I went home and realized I didn't have to be back for a team meeting

<shaftjohnson> what were some of those things that coach Kelly helped you understand more

<NAKA13> winning is about leaders. If you lead by example you may only pull a few guys. But if those few guys lead by example, then they will pull a few more guys in.

<SeniorBearcat> Glad to see how the 4 of you entered the Hula Bowl and then you guys went on to dominate the game!

<NAKA13> thanks for the hula bowl comment seniorbearcat

<ptresey5> What's the funniest moment from practice that you remember from this year?

<NAKA13> haha when a girl came on the field and was screaming at one of the players for some reason

<jfox3> I'm outta here good luck 13

<NAKA13> thank you

<bearcatbob1024> Coach Kelly talked about having 4s being a top leader? Anyone make that this year. Who do you think has a shot at that next year?

<NAKA13> well I know Coach Kelly said if Digger and I were to come back we were def. 4s.

<BearcatOldTimer> Who do you see as front-runners for filling the safety spots next year?

<NAKA13> Well I think if they do some mixing and matching's. I think the corners should be Underwood and Mickens, and the safeties would be De Angelo and Tolbert with Webster rotating in

<SeniorBearcat> What UC receiver gave you the most trouble this past season when you were covering him in practice and what receiver (sleeper) do you expect to have a big year next season?

<NAKA13> I think tomaz hilton and adrian robinson should do well next year

<PhillyBCat> What was the major difference in coach Kelly and Dantonio?

<NAKA13> Coach D. a tuff classy coach. Coach Kelly. A classy energetic coach who hates losing.

<ptresey5> Has that receiver from Pitt recovered yet from that hit in the second half you laid on him?

<NAKA13> haha I think he is fine. one of my buddies is the TE for them and he warned him to look out because he was talking trash. so I had to get him

<UCWoody> are you going to miss Clifton?

<NAKA13> A little bit. I think I am ready for an environment change. but there is nothing like clifton

<DaveBerk> Lets look to start wrapping our time with Haruki up

<ptresey5> Heard from any teams yet?

<NAKA13> yes the patriots, ravens, eagles, dolphins, 49ers, and a few others

<DaveBerk> any final questions

<UCWoody> good luck in all the pre NFL draft stuff

<UCWoody> We need more Bearcats in the NFL

<NAKA13> thank you

<lambertb> good luck in the pros

<ptresey5> Outstanding Ruki good luck and you will be greatly missed

<BearcatOldTimer> Good luck and God bless

<NAKA13> thank you and I'll miss not playing in the Nip

<DaveBerk> I want to thank Haruki for taking time out of his busy schedule to be with us, Thanks Ruki

<SeniorBearcat> enjoy the rest of your time in Clifton

<NAKA13> I def will

<ptresey5> I know the D coordinator will really miss ya

<NAKA13> haha

<NAKA13> I know I just saw him the other day

<NAKA13> he supposed to call gene smith for me

<NAKA13> for the jags

<ptresey5> Ill remind him tonight

<NAKA13> haha thank you tell him i said hello

<NAKA13> and call him sunshine for me

<ptresey5> k man good luck

<SeniorBearcat> you remember coach Dino Dawson?

<NAKA13> I wasn't here when coach Dawson was here

<NAKA13> I heard he was a great coach though

<SeniorBearcat> oh ok...he tried to get me to walk on 6 or 7 years ago...didn't know if he coached you or not

<NAKA13> yes he was with coach Minter's staff. I was part of coach D's first class

<bearcatbob1024> thanks again and good luck

<PhillyBCat> good luck and thanks for representing the university so well

<bearcatbob1024> thank you to BI for setting this up

<bearcatbob1024> good stuff

<DaveBerk> we'll be looking to do more of these

<NAKA13> thank you

<DaveBerk> Haruki, we'll look to do another chat later as the draft gets near

<DaveBerk> Everyone lets let Haruki go at this time

<SeniorBearcat> well good luck going forward...hope to see you in the NFL

<DaveBerk> Thanks Haruki

<NAKA13> thank you

<NAKA13> take care

<SeniorBearcat> Peace

NAKA13 Quit (Web Browser closed)

<DaveBerk> I want to thank everyone for coming tonight

<DaveBerk> I hope you enjoyed the chat and look forward to doing more of these in the very near future

<SeniorBearcat> Adios

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