Bearcat Bits: UC NFL Notes

Sometimes stories aren't big enough to carry an article by themselves. If that's the case, they get combined into "Bearcat Bits."

Two of the Ravens coaching staff coached together at UC: One of the big "what ifs" that Bearcat football fans will wonder is what would have happened if Rick Minter could have kept some of his assistant coaches from leaving for greener pastures. This is a guy who got the football program back into bowl games for the first time since World War II. But he was never able to get this team to compete for a conference championship on a regular basis. Probably the biggest reason is the lack of continuity on his coaching staff as assistants kept getting poached and moving on to bigger and better things.

And we are certainly seeing that Minter had some quality fellows working for him. Last year, former assistant Mike Tomlin was named the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now, John Harbaugh joins him in this rare fraternity as head coach of the Baltimore Ravens. On top of that, his new assistant head coach is Rex Ryan who also spent a couple seasons coaching the defense at Nippert Stadium.

The success that former Bearcat coaches have been having once they leave Clifton definitely give credence to anyone who thinks Minter could have had more success if he could have kept some of these guys. It also makes me wish these guys didn't end up in the AFC North against the Cincinnati Bengals.
Former Bearcat makes Pro Bowl: During Bearcat Insider's recent chat with Haruki Nakamura, I mentioned that the program could really benefit from more Cincinnati alums in the NFL. What would be even better is if this former 'Cats could make a big impact in the league. Trent Cole is doing that and has been rewarded as he will get a trip to Hawaii and play with the world's best football players. Congrats to the UC alum and continued good play to all Bearcats who are playing in the National Football League.

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