J.K. Schaffer Chat Transcript

J.K. Schaffer joined the members of Bearcat Insider for a chat on Tuesday night. For those who missed it we've got the results for your enjoyment.

J.K Schaffer visited the Bearcat Insider Chat Room on Tuesday night and here is the transcript from the event for those who missed it.

<DaveBerk> Welcome JK

<schaff37> Hello everyone

<BearcatOldTimer> JK, welcome

<DaveBerk> go ahead and ask any questions you have of JK

<BearcatOldTimer> JK, what position(s) do you think you'll play as a Bearcat?

<schaff37> so far all I have been talked about playing was weak side linebacker, but I think I could possibly become a safety one day, you never know

<wacodavid> JK, Hello from Texas. I'm a Colerain grad. How do you think the image of UC football has changed in the city of Cincinnati?

<schaff37> hey David, the image of UC football has totally turned around, everyone is talking about how it is on the rise and very good things are coming, today was college day at my school and about 85% of the guys were wearing Cincinnati clothes which was nowhere near how it was last year

<schaff37> it is very more respected now

<BearcatOldTimer> Dave Berk has mentioned your speed, can't wait to see you blitzing off the edge

<schaff37> yes I love coming off the edge, hopefully I'll be doing a lot of it

<BearcatOldTimer> what are your strengths, in addition to speed?

<schaff37> I think I am very good at commanding a defense, I can see the possibilities of what an offense might do, and I can make audible calls and let the rest of my team know what they are doing, I have also been getting a lot stronger and more explosive

<wacodavid> Have you given much thought to your major?

<schaff37> I have chosen the major of health promotion and education (exercise and fitness, personal training, athletic training etc), I love to work out and I love to train other people

<BearcatOldTimer> Have you met many of the other players coming in? If so, what do you think?

<schaff37> I have met a lot of the guys, 10 of them on my official visit, plus a couple more at games and I know Danny Milligan from playing against him and I have got to know him very well the past couple of weeks, all of the guys are great and I can't wait to be with them on a regular basis

<Kremer> I am a LaSalle grad and a UC grad so I am glad to see JK join the Cats.

<wacodavid> Good choice of majors. Have you seen the uniforms yet?

<schaff37> no I have not seen the uniforms yet, I would like to though

<Kremer> Any current JRs at LaSalle that might be interested in UC

<schaff37> Tim Edmonds (fullback), Ricky Steele(cb), Ryan Luggen (lb) are guys that I think have a legit shot and would definitely love to come to uc

<bengaldave985> being from cincy and have some knowledge of UC, what if anything surprised you during your visit?

<schaff37> no nothing really surprised me on the visit because I have already been around so much, I have taken about 20 tours of the facilities which are amazing by the way

<Kremer> How did LaSalle with all that talent not win more games this past yr. Remember I am a LaSalle grad.

<schaff37> well...we made a lot of mental mistakes, also we lost 2 games by a total of 3 points in a total of about 10 seconds at the end of each game(Cathedral and Ignatius), so with 3 more points we could have easily been at a very solid 7-3

<wacodavid> Hey JK, boxers or briefs? (Everybody these days gets asked this question.)

<DaveBerk> Jk how was your in-home visit

<schaff37> I have had two in home visits when coach Hinton stopped by and both of them were great, and lol boxers

<Kremer> I think LaSalle should drop down and win a state title, look what you did to Anderson.

<BearcatOldTimer> JK when do you report?

<schaff37> not exactly sure about when I report yet, that is still up to Coach Kelly, but most likely at the end of June

<bengaldave985> what number do you want to wear?

<schaff37> I would love to wear 37 but I know there was a redshirt this year with 37

<Kremer> How open are schools in talking about redshirting your freshman year when they recruit you

<schaff37> all of them say that if I'm ready to play and they can use me then I'll play, if I need more time to develop, I'll redshirt

<frogger11> Hey JK what other schools recruited you?

<schaff37> Miami, Ohio, Kentucky, Bowling Green, but UC was my second offer, and it was way back in the middle of the summer and I jumped on it right away

<wacodavid> JK, how well do you know the Colerain kids at UC?

<schaff37> the Colerain kids currently playing? Or the ones signing this year?

<wacodavid> The ones coming to UC.

<schaff37> I know Evan Davis very well now and I am becoming very good friends with him, I don't know Brandon Mills too well yet

<Kremer> HAs UC gave you a workout routine to follow?

<schaff37> no they can't give us that until we sign

<frogger11> you know JK that West Virginia is a little more physical and faster than Elder

<schaff37> yea I have figured that frogger, and that's the next level which I'm going to work my tail off to get too

<Moeller1> I believe that there will be at least one member of the GCL representing there school now playing for UC. Elder, X, LaSalle and Moeller. Even CJ. That should be cool.

<Kremer> what is your weight now

<schaff37> I weigh about 220 right now

<Kremer> yikes, great size,

<frogger11> Good luck-you have a bright future

<BixBox> JK, I came in late to the room so I am sure you have probably been welcomed several times. I just want to let you know how thrilled all of us Ol' Bearcat fans are to see the top local talent enrolls at the University of Cincinnati! I saw you play a couple of times this year and you are certainly top local talent and I predict you will have an excellent career at UC.

<schaff37> thanks a lot I appreciate it, I'm going to do nothing less than my best to make Cincinnati proud

<Kremer> I hear you are fast also

<schaff37> I ran a 4.47 forty at OU and a 4.12 shuttle

<BearcatOldTimer> Wow!

<Moeller1> damn

<Kremer> 4.47 and 220, you are a beast

<schaff37> haha thank you

<Moeller1> with that size and speed you might be able to play special teams or something your frosh year. Good luck

<Kremer> Don't want to get you into trouble by saying something you shouldn't but what have you been told about new practice facilities?

<schaff37> all I know is what was exactly said in the news about the bubble and the other fields

<Kremer> r u going to get a Cpaw tattoo, don't worry your mom isn't on, you can tell us

<schaff37> not sure about that one yet, if we win a title I'll get a Cpaw tattoo with national champions under it

<Kremer> you do that and I'll get one also

<schaff37> sounds like a plan

<DaveBerk> I'll make sure I note this for down the road

<Kremer> but at my age it might not look as good on me

<wacodavid> JK, I really looking forward to watching you play in the Nip in future years. Congrats on your scholarship to UC and thanks for the conversation.

<schaff37> thanks David

<DaveBerk> Let's look at getting our final questions in for JK tonight

<DaveBerk> Don't forget we'll have DJ Woods on Wed at 2:30

<DaveBerk> Oldtimer you have any last things for JK

<Moeller1> just want to say congrats coming from a Moeller fan. You are a great player and will do a nice job representing the GCL at the NIP in the Future. Good Luck

<Kremer> Thanks for coming on JK. Can't wait to see you play.

<schaff37> thanks a lot guys

<BearcatOldTimer> Really excited to see JK playing at UC, good luck!

<schaff37> and any time

<DaveBerk> JK can't say thanks enough for you being with us tonight

<schaff37> no problem at all, I enjoyed it

<Kremer> Go Lancers, Go Cats!!!

<DaveBerk> We'll let you go now and I'll talk with you soon

<DaveBerk> thanks

<schaff37> alright cool thanks Dave

schaff37 has left the room

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