The Nakamura Diaries #2

Bearcat Insider is happy to bring you "The Nakamura Diaries" with former Bearcat safety Haruki Nakamura as he shares his journey from college football to possible NFL career.

Diary #2

Lately in the past couple weeks, I have talked to reporters about my experiences in Hawaii and what my goals were for this upcoming NFL Draft. Sometimes I feel very redundant because I give everyone the same exact answer. I tell them that it doesn't matter if I get drafted or not, the only thing that matters is getting an opportunity to have a shot at my dream.

Just the other day my dream seemed to become more of a reality. I was notified by my agent a couple
days ago that the Chicago Bears have scheduled me to come in on a visit March 17. Something like this is the exact opportunity that I was asking for.

Coach Longo put it to me this way. He said "all you need is a shot, you're like a hunting dog, someone points you in a direction, and you go get the job done". All I need is one shot, and I'll guarantee I'll make the most of it.

Forget about size. That's something I can't do anything about. David Pollack told me that the most overrated thing in the NFL or football period is height. It has absolutely no bearing on how you play the game. It's your desire and passion for the game and how much you really want it.

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