D.J. Woods Chat Transcript

Future Bearcat D.J. Woods came into the Bearcat Insider Members Chat tonight and here is the transcript from the special event.

Now talking in Cincinnati

<Kevin25807> hey D.J. I hope you're as excited to be a Bearcat as I was.

<BearcatInsiderGuest> without a question

<Kevin25807> Hey D.J. who was the main coach for your recruitment

<BearcatInsiderGuest> Coach Molnar

<BearcatOldTimer> Hey, I'll probably be in and out on this one.

<DaveBerk> we'll this would be a good chance for you to get any questions in to D.J.

<DaveBerk> DJ, look back about making the call to Coach Kelly and what it was like

<BearcatInsiderGuest> it was good. It was like 5 in the morning. Parents came downstairs and we just talked. Then went back to sleep and woke up a bearcat. He (Coach Kelly) was excited

<BearcatOldTimer> Hey DJ, sorry about this afternoon, enjoy being a student because the real world isn't all it's cracked up to be.

<BearcatInsiderGuest> don't worry. I've learned that I won't be playing football forever. A degree does last forever.

<BearcatOldTimer> DJ, I'm really looking forward to your playing at UC. One of the things I noticed in your video is your abilities in the kicking game. Have the coaches talked to you about special teams or is the focus entirely at WR?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> they said that I'm going to be a kick returner and punt returner.

<BearcatOldTimer> Your perspective on getting a degree is refreshing. Mine from UC has served me well. Just don't have some of the freedoms I enjoyed as a student.

<BearcatInsiderGuest> I've learned from my parents about hard work and how important it is. So I'm well aware of it

<DaveBerk> DJ, have you talked with I Pead today?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> yea him and I are good friends. Talk every day

<DaveBerk> if you had to put a percentage on him joining you what would it be

<BearcatInsiderGuest> can't tell you that lol. Already talked about where he is going to go

<ptresey5> hello all I'm so pumped to see DJ wear the red and black next year

<BearcatOldTimer> I'm really loving this '08 UC class. DJ, have you met many of the others that will be signing next week? If so, anything stand out?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> yea I've meet them. Sound like all around good guys to be around

<ptresey5> DJ, what was it like doing the camp circuit this summer? Was it tiring?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> longest summer of my life. Yea it was tiring but a good experience. Worked hard

<ptresey5> Yea I got to see you at the OSU senior day? Any nerves that day?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> little bit. They wanted me to play cb the whole time and I feel like I'm stronger at wr. Had nerves but ended up good. Got the offer

<DaveBerk> DJ, you had a great combine at Cleveland and Pitt did that give you some idea what was ahead

<BearcatOldTimer> DJ, have you decided on a field of study?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> undecided right now but like to cook

<BearcatOldTimer> I have heard very good things about the joint program they have (with Midwest Culinary I believe) - would be a great option. Isn't someone from last year's class in this program?

<DaveBerk> I think there is one of the guys from last year in that program

<DaveBerk> so what dish is your fav

<BearcatInsiderGuest> steak! Every day before a game

<ptresey5> Coach Molnar is an outstanding guy. How excited are you that he's going to be your coach?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> it's pretty exciting. Getting to play at the next level. He is a great guy and hopefully he'll get me to play on Sunday's

<bearcatbob1024> unfortunately I cannot stay long but just wanted to welcome DJ to UC and look forward to watching him cause the cannon to go off at NIppert for the next four years

<BearcatInsiderGuest> thank u

<DaveBerk> what has it been like since you made your choice

<BearcatInsiderGuest> it's been hard can't lie. Everyone is like mad that I made the choice that I did

<DaveBerk> was it hard because it wasn't a Big Ten program or because it was UC

<BearcatInsiderGuest> yea, they thought I could go bigger. But I'm happy of my choice.

<SeniorBearcat> Glad you picked UC!!!

<BearcatInsiderGuest> me to

<BearcatOldTimer> Hard for me to imagine the offensive weapons we have next year, has to have Kelly and the gang salivating.

<wacodavid> Hi Dave. Welcome to UC D.J.

<BearcatInsiderGuest> thank u

<wacodavid> Hey D.J., I'll be in Norman when we beat Oklahoma. How many TD passes are you going to catch against the Sooners?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> as many as coach will throw

<DaveBerk> did you explain to them the Big East has won three BCS games

<BearcatInsiderGuest> exactly all the time but they look at the big picture all the time

<BearcatInsiderGuest> I made the right choice

<SeniorBearcat> I had a dad play football at UM for Bo...I got into both UC and UM and I picked Cincy...one of the best choices I ever made.

<ptresey5> Did you bond with any of the upperclassmen on your visit? If so, who?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> Demetrius. Barrnet was my host. Ben was cool. Everyone seemed really cool. Bonded with everyone

<wacodavid> Have you thought about a college major yet?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> not yet

<SeniorBearcat> You excited for the Big 33 game?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> very just wana play since I got hurt and couldn't play. Feel 100 percent. can't wait

<wacodavid> D.J., how do the football facilities compare between UC and Michigan other than the stadiums?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> well there bigger and have like more gadgets and things but that's not what I looked for. I looked for a new home where I wanted to be and its cincy

<BearcatOldTimer> In this offensive system, do you expect to stay wide or be in the slot?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> coach said I would be both. Slot and wide out

<bearcatbob1024> I have to go, but thanks again for the chat set up Dave and DJ. Good times and best of luck between now and when you come to Clifton. DJ. Nippert will be rocking next year

<SeniorBearcat> So when do you plan on moving down to Clifton? Have you started working out yet following coach Longo's workout schedule?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> as soon as I get my diploma I'm out lol. I get the workout after I sign. Been working out and been timed to make sure I'm up to par

<BearcatInsiderGuest> June 1

<SeniorBearcat> Good to hear

<BearcatOldTimer> You definitely will be a complete receiver when your UC career is up. The blocking those guys do in space is amazing. Is this a bit of what the coaches have been describing for you?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> yea they been talking bout everything. So I can't wait to be part of the team

<wacodavid> How many TD are you going to put on your buddies at Pitt?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> talkin smack lol. But I'll get my point's in. as many times coach throws my way

<BearcatOldTimer> We do owe Pitt in a big way - can't wait for that one next year, Nippert will be up big time for it.

<BearcatInsiderGuest> can't wait

<SeniorBearcat> Glad you got to make it in for the chat DJ, good luck at UC time for UC vs. WVU Go Bearcats!

<BearcatInsiderGuest> thanks

<DaveBerk> DJ, are you a hoops fan

<BearcatInsiderGuest> not really just football

<DaveBerk> fav pro team the browns or someone else

<BearcatInsiderGuest> don't have fav pro team. just look at the receivers. fav is Chad, Steve Smith, to, Anthony G.

<BearcatOldTimer> That's a good group to watch. Chad has worked out at UC with the team. Was tough for him to see his OR State Beavers go down - hard, I'll bet.

<ptresey5> If you had to go one on one with Chad Johnson, what would be your route of choice?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> comeback!

<wacodavid> D.J. welcome to Bearcat nation. I'm looking forward to watching "3" catch lots of passes in the coming years. Thanks for the conversation. Go Bearcats!!

<wacodavid> Thanks Dave.

<DaveBerk> your dad is kind of known as a Mich fan, how hard was it when it came time and he knew it was best for you at UC

<BearcatInsiderGuest> wasn't that hard. he knew it was a better fit for me and we were all happy

<DaveBerk> one thing I saw at the Pitt combine was your vert, just how high have you gone

<BearcatInsiderGuest> well they tested on that mat and I hate that thing but the regular is a 39

<BearcatOldTimer> What was your offensive system like at Strongsville?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> everything really. spread, I, everything that focused around our athletes

<ptresey5> what are you going to focus on during the summer as far as improving yourself?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> hands. getting of the line.

<DaveBerk> I've never told you this, but on that day Zach Stoudt's dad who played in the NFL was very impressed with you

<BearcatInsiderGuest> that's good news thank u

<DaveBerk> and Zach, who has a nice WR at his HS in Stoney (Jake Stoneburner) wanted you to move to Dublin Coffman

<BearcatInsiderGuest> yea we talked about that lol. That would have been nice

<DaveBerk> let's look at letting DJ go for the night, any last questions by anyone

<BearcatOldTimer> Dang, 39? That's awesome. We'll be able to throw it high that's for sure. Our throws into the end zone this year were a sight to behold - involved a good deal of positioning - beautiful stuff. Has to be exciting to come into that?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> very exciting

<ptresey5> Whets your favorite high school football memory?

<BearcatInsiderGuest> don't really have one. But I remember in the doctor's office when he said I can't play. That's the biggest memory I have

<ptresey5> Thanks DJ, the bearcat nation is excited to have you if you have not noticed! Look forward to seeing you next year

<ptresey5> Best of luck

<BearcatOldTimer> DJ, I'm really looking forward to seeing you this summer. Great talent coming in this year and you represent the icing on the cake. Good luck!

<BearcatInsiderGuest> thanks everyone

<DaveBerk> thanks DJ, we'll talk soon and thanks for coming

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