The Mouse That Roared

It was a big night for Mick Cronin as he beat another mentor on his way to another Big East win.

Mick Cronin vs. Bob Huggins. That was the fight card going into last night's big win at Morgantown. But that wasn't the only opponent facing the Cincinnati coach. The fans were definitely anti-Mick. Judging from the few signs that were able to get on TV, there was a lot of negativity aimed at not only the UC coach, but the president, as well.

I was taken aback by this. Not anti-Nancy sentiments, I still hear those around town. But for those to appear hundreds of miles away and in another state took me back. There were lots of signs saying "Thanks, Nancy" which sounds to me like you're thanking your girlfriend's ex-boyfriend for dumping her a couple years ago. And not even her most recent ex.

And she wasn't alone. Cronin had an even bigger target on him, which is ironic because his stature seemed to be the target of most of their barbs. Most of the signs considered Mick a mouse and Huggs a bear. Of course, we didn't see those signs too often once the lead in the game got to the double digits and stayed there.

Don't get me wrong, I'm never surprised by opposing fans razzing my team when they're on the road. But these seemed more personal and juvenile than what I was expecting. Was I the only one who felt that way?

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