Bearcats Play Waiting Game

In the years past fans of the University of Cincinnati knew what to expect when National Letter of Intent Day came around. With a group of solid but lesser known prospects lined up to sign, the Bearcats coaching staff could relax and start looking hard at the next group of players they'd be bringing in to the next Junior Day. But not this year, because there are still two big-time prospects.

Patrick Omameh: Offensive Tackle

Six months ago Columbus St. Francis DeSales offensive lineman Patrick Omameh made his verbal commitment to Brian Kelly and the rest of the coaching staff. Just like the many other players who verbal before, Omameh gave his word that he'd sign his letter of intent the first Wednesday in February.

But much has changed and all the work the coaching staff did in recruiting Omameh is water under the bridge as he looks at Michigan and Michigan State as well as the Bearcats to play his college football for.

In some ways this is a very good sign as fans now see this staff did a great job of identifying Omameh as a top talent, in other ways it stings as fans heard several time from now Michigan State head coach Mark Dantoino that he didn't believe in going after committed prospects during his stay in the Queen City.

Just as with D.J. Woods, the talented offensive lineman will need to look past the "bling-bling" of the two Big Ten programs and want to be part of something special being built in Clifton by Kelly and his staff.

While Omameh has told several he's got some idea of what he's going to do, he's not giving any hints to anyone about what that choice may be.

If I'm a Bearcat fan the news of him not changing his mind to this point is very encouraging as the longer he waits the better chance whatever came into his mind during his visits to Michigan and Michigan State go deeper into his mind.

Isaiah Pead: Running Back

The Eastmoor Academy running back has a lot of people talking right now. What school is in front and who will be left behind won't be known until sometime during signing day. At this time Pead isn't planning to make his official announcement until late in the afternoon (3:00-3:30) with Brian Kelly meeting with the media at 3:00.

Because of the scheduled news conference many feel Pead is headed outside of Ohio as Kelly wouldn't want to meet with the media until his class is final and all known members have signed their letters of intent.

Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Maryland, Colorado, Michigan and Indiana have all visited the running back at his school or during an in-home visit. Brian Kelly along with Tim Hinton made their appearance this past week as well, but Pead wasn't ready to name a leader and insisted on not doing so until sometime on Wednesday.

As of Sunday, Isaiah Pead had not changed his plan and is expected to make his choice at his high school sometime during the day on Wednesday.

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