Big Apple Or Bust?

Now that the Bearcats are playing better than expected, are you raising your expecations?

One of the most important factors to a fan's life is expectations. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In 2003, 8-8 for the Cincinnati Bengals and being in playoff contention for the first time in over a decade was a wonderful thing. In 2006, 8-8 and missing the post-season again no longer cut it as impatience took over. And 7-9 in 2007? Don't get me started.

Back on topic, this is a Bearcats blog. It's safe to say that everyone has expectations of how your team will perform even before the first game of the year. I'm no different. After the unpleasantness of the past two seasons, I had modest goals for Mick Cronin's team. I was hoping U.C. could do well enough in the conference and go to the Big East Tournament. Six wins was enough to for UConn to sneak in last year. That would mean the Bearcats would have to triple their conference wins from last year. At the time, I thought that was aiming a little high.

Flash forward to February and 6 wins is already a reality. Cincinnati is currently 6th in the Big East. And with 7 games left and some winnable contests still on the home schedule (St. John's, South Florida, Providence), it seems like a trip to Madison Square Garden next month is almost a certainty.

As you can imagine, I'm elated with how the season has turned out so far. But is it enough for you? What does this team need to do from here on out to make you happy? Knock off one of the ranked teams (Pitt, Georgetown, UConn) on the road? Get a high seeding in the Big East Tournament? Win a game in New York City? Make the NIT? Make the NCAA?

Basically, what were your expectations back in the fall and what are they now?

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