Report Card Class of 08 Isaiah Pead

Over the course of the next few days we'll be handing out Bearcat Insider Report Cards for the Class of 2008 signed by Bearcats Head Coach Brian Kelly. Today we issue a grade to running back Isaiah Pead of Eastmoor High School.

While the overall class signed by Brian Kelly must be considered as one of the Bearcats all-time highest, it doesn't mean every player is a "Grade A" prospect with greatness destined for them. The Bearcat Insider Report Card is a way for Bearcat fans to get an understanding on why a player is a great fit for the Bearcats football program. Grades have been issued after watching players in person or on video and the type of skills they'll bring to the program on and off the field.

Isaiah Pead: Running Back

Look up and down the Bearcats current roster and you'll be hard pressed to find an athlete the quality of Isaiah Pead out of Eastmoor Academy. While not the biggest back Pead brings a skill set to the field that creates match-up problems for opponents.

The first thing you'll see when watching Isaiah on film is his break-away speed. Fans have watched over the past few years as Steve Slaton has used his speed once he gets into the open field to make big plays and Pead will bring the same type of ability to the turf of Nippert Stadium. The second skill that will serve Isaiah well in the college game is his cutting ability. Not only can he stop defenders in their tracks he can also accelerate out of the cut back to full speed within one or two steps. But Pead is not just a back with speed and cutting ability, he also shows great vision as he runs with his head up looking for the lanes he'll take to make big runs.

Strengths: Speed, vision, cutting ability.

Weakness: Level of competition

Star, Solid Player, Role Player

Isaiah Pead will have a chance to post some huge numbers during his Bearcats career and the pressure to earn All-Big East honors along the way. He's set up to be a star in Brian Kelly's offense and at some point should be a 1,000 yard + rusher for the Bearcats. Pead = Star

Grade: A+

Make no mistake along with D.J. Woods this is a major recruiting get for Brian Kelly and his staff. Any time you can get a player of this quality out of Columbus and out of the Big Ten is a major accomplishment all its own. If Isaiah Pead can stay healthy and on course with the academic workload Bearcat fans will have a chance to watch a future All-American

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Isaiah Pead Football Highlights

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