Bearcats Offer Ohio Lineman

Wednesday night I watched as over 200 high school prospects took part in a high school combine. The next day one of the top prospects picked up a Bearcats offer. We have the details.

A new name on the recruiting scene is fast picking up pace and offers from several schools. But his latest offer comes from the University of Cincinnati.

"Thursday I was came out of class and my coach told me I needed to get in touch with Cincinnati," Adam Bellamy of Aurora High School told Bearcat Insider on Sunday afternoon. "I called and Coach Quinn told me the University of Cincinnati was offering me a full scholarship. We talked about Cincinnati and I'm planning on making a visit for their Junior Day on March 2nd."

Bellamy who now holds a total of four scholarships is hearing from several others as well.

"I've been offered by Cincinnati, Indiana, Akron and Miami Ohio. Akron has been in contact the longest since they've been talking with me since after my sophomore year. Indiana I didn't even talk to. My coach told me I'd get something in the mail and we're now trying to set up a visit there. Bowling Green, Illinois and Northwestern have also been in heavy contact over the past several weeks."

Having not really visited any of the schools that have offered him, Bellamy knows his offers from Cincinnati and Indiana hold a little more weight since both are BCS programs.

"Right now I'd have to place Cincinnati and Indiana as my top two programs since both are BCS programs. That is nothing against Akron or Miami because both a very good programs. Akron is close to home and they've showed me all about their new stadium and I know Miami is a great academic school with a very good football program."

An honors student with a 3.4 GPA Bellamy is open as far as a major is concerned. He's planning on taking his test in June while also working in several camps. This winter has been a busy one and the main reason he's not been able to take part in any Junior Days so far.

"I play hockey and we've got a few more games to go before our season is over. I've been skating since I was six years old and a lot of coaches tell me it's really helped me with my leg strength and balance."

Also a member of his schools baseball team, Bellamy has heard nothing but great things about Cincinnati from a couple of former Aurora natives.

"Evan Sanford who is part of the baseball program has nothing but great things to say about Cincinnati. I know his brother is also hoping to be part of the baseball program and both of them always talk positive about the school."

We'll continue to stay in contact with Adam as the recruiting process heats up in the coming weeks and months and also report on his visit to Cincinnati in a couple of weeks.

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