Bearcats Offer Central Ohio Gem

Latest offer goes to a prospect not getting much talk early in the process. But that is soon to change.

While it may not be fair to call Ryan Cheek a "Hidden Gem" the fact very few are talking about this talented player from Lancaster High School (Ohio) makes him hidden while he's shown he's a gem on the football field and off.

At just under 6-foot-1 and 230-pounds Ryan Cheek has been a key member of the Gales offense and defense under head coach Rob Carpenter. As many Bearcat fans know Carpenter is the father of former Bearcat Jon Carpenter and has seen his share of high quality prospects over the years.

"Coach Carpenter told us this was going to happen," said Jack Cheek father of Ryan and an assistant coach for the Gales. "He told us it was only a matter of time before colleges would start calling and that is what has happen so far. Cincinnati offered Ryan and he's planning on attending their Junior Day on March 2nd to learn more about them."

While Bearcats assistant coach Tim Hinton took the early lead for Cheek others are now calling as well.

"Ryan is going to Purdue next Saturday and this Saturday he's visiting Michigan State. He was not able to make a visit to Northwestern because of a conflict and Miami Ohio is trying to get him in but haven't scheduled anything yet."

Cheek plays linebacker and quarterback for the Gales is projected as a linebacker in the college game. He shows the ability to drop back into coverage and also do a great job in plugging gaps from the middle linebacker spot while making the tackle. What really sets Cheek apart from others I've seen so far is his overall athletic ability. This is a kid who will be listed as one of Ohio's top prospects before all is said and done.

Off the field Ryan is already set as a full qualifier with a 3.8 GPA to go with a 23 ACT score. With his scores Ivy League schools are also showing interest but from talking with his father it seems Ryan is set on playing Division One College Football.

We'll be working on posting film of Ryan in the coming days.

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