Snook Hopes To Be Next On Bearcats List

After an impressive visit at the University of Cincinnati on Sunday, Chris Snook hopes to be next on the offer list of Brian Kelly's Bearcats. We spoke with Chris after he returned home on Sunday night.

"The weight room is something I'd never get sick of," Chris Snook said as we started to talk about his Junior Day visit to the University of Cincinnati. "Everything was great and my father and I were very impressed with everything we saw. The way the stadium is centered in the middle of the university it makes you feel like football is something that has been very important to the University of Cincinnati for a long time."

While Snook didn't leave with an offer he's encouraged by what he was told.

"The coaches were very up front that they really didn't have much information on me until after the Cleveland combine. They were just getting some look at my tape and asked me to bear with them as they look at it and make their decision on to offer or not."

While the Bearcats look at offering Snook other programs have been taking notice.

"I just checked my email and Michigan State sent me an email asking me to call one of their coaches. I haven't done that yet as it's late but I'll do it on Monday."

How excited was Snook after his visit?

"You just get a feeling when you hear the coaches speak. They are all confident in their abilities and know how to win. They are intense about their job and do it with a passion. For a player like me it just puts chills down you and you're ready to get started."

Overall Chris Snook felt the atmosphere for the Junior Day was great and he's came away impressed with much of what the Bearcats staff showed him.

"The weight room is unbelievable and better than Ohio States in my opinion. Everything was great and I'm really glad I made the trip."

Will Chris Snook be next in line to pick up a Bearcats scholarship offer? Bearcat Insider will continue to follow Chris with the latest news.

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