Will Saddler Talks Bearcats Visits

Having picked up his official offer from Bearcats head coach Brian Kelly in early March, Will Saddler has had a chance to make a return visit and learn more about the Bearcats program. What did he look at and how does he feel early about the Bearcats.

“I wanted to come back and do more of an academic check on what Cincinnati had to offer me,” said Saddler about his second visit to the UC campus.  “On my first visit (March, 6-th) I was able to see a lot about the athletic department and football program, but while we saw some of the academic resources time didn’t really allow for us to talk and look at what types of programs the university had to offer.  Our second visit did that and more.”


For Saddler interest is rising as Indiana is the latest program to start to show interest joining Northwestern and Vanderbilt.  Cincinnati is his only offer right now but Saddler has heard from several coaches they want him to visit for spring practice and talk in-depth about their programs.


“I’ve heard some of the same things from school that I heard from Cincinnati.  They’ve told me they were going to recruit me but they wanted me to be on their campus.”


Was Saddler surprised by his Cincinnati visit? 


“I knew there was a good chance I might get an offer, but I didn’t know I’d be going to Coach Kelly’s office to speak with him.  It was a total surprise…  Coach Kelly is an amazing coach and one of those coaches you get along with from the beginning.  You can tell he’s a get it done type of guy.”


If that wasn’t enough for Bearcat fans to get excited about Saddler had more about the Bearcats head coach.


“When you get a chance to meet Coach Kelly you see he’s more than just a football coach.  He’s a great guy who has a passion and love for football and his family.  He also knows what he’s talking about and has shown by the success of his teams he’s one of the top coaches.”


Saddler, who’s from Columbus, Indiana (Columbus East High School) also came away impressed by the look and feel of the Cincinnati campus on his two visits.


“While Columbus, Indiana is only a town of 35,000 people it’s considered on of the Top Five in architectural design in the country.  The Cincinnati campus is a lot like my home town in its very modern in areas while still having some very old and unique buildings.”


While it’s a first for me to have a prospect talk about the architectural design of the Cincinnati campus, I had to ask if his interest was more than just a hobby?


“I’ve thought about being an architect but don’t feel football and that field mix too well at the college level.  When I was on my visit I was amazed at why the Lindner Center used triangle windows and learned because of where the building was constructed the use of normal windows would have cause structural problems that the triangle windows solved."

"As for studying architect, both football and the architectural field are very demanding of their time, but you never know.  Right now I’m looking more at studying and earning a degree in business.  Cincinnati has great programs in both fields and a person really couldn’t go wrong in either of them.”


Saddler who keeps busy taking part in hockey and track knows football is a tool he needs to take full advantage of in getting a higher education.  His return visit left him very impressed with the academic and football program and his interest is peaked that he could see himself ending his recruiting early.


“I’ve been very impressed by what Cincinnati has to offer and feel comfortable when I’m there.  I’m not ready to say I’m committed but I’m impressed enough by what I see to feel Cincinnati is a program I’m very serious about.  I can see myself giving an early commitment during the process but it’s not today.”


We’ll continue to follow Will in the coming weeks as he plans on making a return visit this spring to learn more about the Bearcats program.  Early on it looks as if the Bearcats have taken an early lead in earning Will Saddler’s commitment.



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