Reid Fragel Talks Bearcats

On Saturday Bearcat Insider was on hand for the New Level 7-on-7 Passing Camp held at the University of Akron on Sunday. During checkout one prospect turned many heads and his name was Reid Fragel of Grosse Pointe South High School.

“I was offered by Coach Forest verbally but have never received it in writing,” Fragel said on Saturday afternoon.  “I’ve had a father and two brothers play college sports and I’ve learned until it’s in writing it really doesn’t mean much.”


Listed as a tight-end by it’s would be easy to scratch him off as a future college tackle, but on Sunday the legit 6-foot-7 Fragel showed he’s got some ball skills playing a key role on his team during the event.  What have the Bearcats and others told him about his future?  We spoke with his father about the subject.


Cincinnati said they see Reid as an offensive tackle.  They feel he’s a lot like Joe Staley a player they had at Central Michigan a few years ago who was drafted in the first round of last years NFL Draft.  It’s funny because I’m a very close friend of Steve Mariucci and have been since we were teammates at Northern Michigan.  Steve had seen Reid growing up and he asked about how he was doing.  I told him he was getting so big and playing football and he asked me for some highlights of Reid so I sent them to him not thinking he’d ever say anything about them.  He got them and called me and asked if I knew what I had on my hands?  I said I think Reid’s a good player but I’m bias since he’s my son.  Steve then tells me I’ve got a future first day draft pick on my hands as an offensive tackle.”


While the former NFL head coach see’s an offensive tackle others have other plans as to what they think Reid’s future will hold.


Michigan like Cincinnati said if he comes to Michigan he’ll be a tackle.  Michigan State has him on their board as a tight end, tackle and defensive end while Ohio State told us Saturday morning they have him as their number two tight end and number one blocking tight end.”


When asked about what he’d like to do Reid didn’t waste any time.


“I’ll do what is best for the school I’m playing at, if its tackle then I’ll work hard to be the best tackle.  If it’s tight-end I’ll be the best tight-end I can be.  It really doesn’t matter to me; I just want to find the right school that fits me as a person.”


While the Bearcats offer isn’t in writing Reid knows several things could have happen in the process.


“We didn’t know that Ohio State was even interested in me until just a few days ago.  The mail they were sending out was going to a different school and they hadn’t passed it on yet and we just got it.  We called Ohio State and told them what happened and they understood.  So I’m not too worried about it right now as it’s still early.”


At this time Reid doesn’t list a favorite but Michigan State and Ohio State have left an impression on him early.  No stranger to Michigan State (father played there for two years) Reid is no rush as he’s learned a lot from watching his older brothers go through the recruiting process.


“I was young but I still remember some of what happened for my brothers.  I’ll just take my time and look at the schools recruiting me and see what happens.”


We’ll continue to check back with Reid about his interest in Cincinnati down the road.


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