View Of The Insider: Quarterbacks

Bearcat Insider founder Dave Berk looks at the finer points of Day One of the 2008 Spring Practice schedule and the quarterback position.

Bearcat fans want to know Coach Brian Kelly.  Who will be the Bearcats starting quarterback next fall?  Could the answer come in day one?  No, unless Ben Mauk is granted another year by the NCAA.  Here is a look at the quarterbacks from Day One.




Ben Mauk



The first thing that jumped out was seeing number nine on the field ready to go and make a few throws.  While he’s not 100% he’s good enough to be able to take part in a few drills.  What I really like about this move is using Ben’s experience working with the younger quarterbacks.  Coach Kelly said the appeal was being filed at 12-noon on Tuesday and he expects a quick response by the NCAA.  If Mauk is given the extra season the Bearcats could go into the 2008 campaign with a Top 25 ranking.


Dustin Grutza



Much like Mauk, the former starter is getting some reps but is also being used to help the younger players get more of a grasp of the offense.  Dustin a couple of times has problems adjusting to the new slick Wilson footballs.


Demetrius Jones



The Notre Dame transfer is the player with the spotlight on him as the Bearcats have a chance to be without Ben Mauk next fall.  Jones left ND and got into UC so last year was his sit-out season.  He’s now a junior as a student and a sophomore on field player.  A few times it looked as if Jones took the week of spring break off and didn’t do much football.  It showed as he struggled with a few his deliveries going back to some bad habits from last year when he reported to Cincinnati with an injury.  Overall once he got a better picture of what he was doing he did a great job.  After practice he spent some time with quarterbacks coach Greg Forest and the pair worked on his mechanics showing a vast improvement in how the ball was being released.  Jones should show great improvement once he’s confident in his shoulder and ability to be a quarterback.


Tony Pike



The veteran Pike is looking at an uphill battle for playing time as he knows the offense and needs to show he’s ready to take the starting role.  This is his time to make a move if one is ever going to happen.


Chazz Anderson



Chazz has worked so hard since the day he arrived and by far he showed he’s not to be left out when talking about having a chance to be the quarterback in the future.  His throws were crisper than in the past and I came away more impressed today than any day since he arrived on campus.  But he’s got to keep this going all spring.


Zach Collaros



Just because I listed Zach last doesn’t mean that is were I feel he’s at in this race.  Zach reminds me of Ben Mauk as he’s just got the things you need to be a winning quarterback at the college level.  A good spring will be needed to stay in the running for future consideration as this fall two new arrivals join in the mix.  But for now the former Steubenville High School prospect is looking good.




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