Breaking Down Dion Dixon

We welcome the newest member of the Bearcat Insider staff as Scott Phillips gives a breakdown on Dion Dixon. To read about Dion and more about what Scott will bring to Bearcat Insider read on.

Bio: Dion comes from a strong Chicago Public Program at Crane High School which recently produced Sherron Collins (Kansas) and Brandon McGee (Indiana). He was one the best unsigned senior in Illinois until Cincinnati signed him. He was receiving heavy interest from Wyoming, and getting looks from Ohio State and Baylor at the time of his commitment. Dixon was always highly touted but exploded during his senior season in which he averaged 25 points per game and played well against some of the states better programs.

Strengths: Dion is already a big-time scoring threat with the ability to take guys off the dribble going left or right or using his outside shot. His jumper is smooth and he is not afraid to shoot with a hand in his face. He can once in awhile catch fire and go on scoring streaks. Dixon has a college ready body with fantastic athleticism and a great vertical leap. He can make highlight reel plays around the rim using his athleticism and has shown the ability to finish with both hands. He is an improving ball handler and passer, but not a point guard. On the defensive end Dion does a good job staying in front of defenders and will sometimes make plays on the ball. He also rebounds well for a guard because of his ability to out jump bigger players. Dion also loves to take big shots and feels no pressure with the ball in his hands in pressure situations. Tough player.

Weaknesses: Dion will sometimes disappear in games for long periods of time. In one game I witnessed he scored 20 points in the first half, and was held scoreless until the final minute of the second half. He has also had a lot of hype surrounding him his high school career as "the next big thing" from Crane High School, but only lived up to that billing this season. Although great with the ball, Dion doesn't move well without it, and needs the ball in his hands to make plays. He has improved as a point guard type, but doesn't make baskets any easier for teammates, or show that he can run a complex offense as a point guard. Dion did the majority of his scoring damage against smaller or less athletic opponents. In the Big East, Dion will be facing top notch athletes every night and will have to score on them to succeed. He also has a tendency to force some shots with a hand in his face, but this could be due to the lack of talent surrounding him at Crane. He will also need to improve on the defensive end as occasional lapses in focus lead to errors.

College Prospect: A lot of scouts believe Dion is a huge hit or miss prospect because there are times he lacks focus and drive during entire games. Joe Henricksen of the City/Suburban Hoops report said it best when he said, "Yes, Crane's Dion Dixon is a big-time scorer.

In the end, I'm calling for either a big hit or a big miss for the Crane star. Will the focus and right frame of mind evolve at Cincinnati?" I think he will end up a good player for Cincinnati.

The tools are there physically for him to succeed, and with the proper coaching he will develop a better understanding of how to play the game. He will be better suited having better players around him where he doesn't have to be the go-to guy, like in his earlier years at Crane. Dion has the streak scoring ability to sometimes be a primary scoring option, but is better suited as a second or third scoring option. He comes into college as a "combo guard" but would probably be better suited playing as a shooting guard. Dion is an above average passer, but that doesn't mean he should lead a team on offense.

About Scott Phillips


At an early age Scott Phillips knew he wanted to be part of basketball.  Basketball became his passion and as he got older and entered college he started to find outlets for this passion.


As Vice President and Game Consultant of the Chicago High School Classic, Phillips found a way to be connected to the game he dreamed of as part of and his work at the Chicago Sun Times as a college student.


Now, as his college days near there end he’s looking to take his knowledge of high school basketball and the AAU Circuit and expand it as part of


Scott while based in the Windy City will be working to bring members of Bearcat Insider more info on the Bearcats recruiting efforts while also attending several AAU events during the year.


Scott will also be part of the Members Only Message Board ready to answer questions you may have.  This weekend Scott will be bringing you up close information as new Bearcat hoops recruit Dion Dixon takes part in the Chicago High School Classic, the game he’s helped grow the past couple of years.


Please welcome Scott and stay tuned for more info on how Dion Dixon did in this special game.


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