Does The Picture Tell Us The Future?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. One look at the photo of Jamal Ramsey heading this story may say what the future holds. We have the latest on this Tennessee quarterback prospect.

Saturday brought the return to campus of one Jamal Ramsey of Battle Ground Academy (Tennessee).  The 6-foot-3, 190-pound Ramsey holds an offer from Brian Kelly and this marks a return trip to the Queen City for a closer look at campus and the Bearcats football program in action.


“I really like it here,” Ramsey said on Saturday morning after watching the Bearcats scrimmage.  “I like what I see from a player’s standpoint and could see myself playing here. My parents also really like it here and have expressed that too me since we left the first time.”


While Ramsey was quick to stop talk of making a verbal commitment, he did say his family would have some talking to do in the coming weeks.


“The coaches have been upfront with me in telling me they are looking at only taking one quarterback in this class.  I know it’s a first come first serve and also know they like to recruit athletic types of quarterbacks that can play other positions in case they don’t win the quarterback job.”


Ramsey who can also play safety knows he might need to pull the trigger soon, but isn’t in a rush to do it just yet.


“We’ll go back home and talk about the schools we’ve been to and when the time is right I’ll make my commitment.”


But one look at Jamal during his stay on Saturday may say what the future holds for him and the Bearcats.


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