Robinson Latest Change in Musical Chairs

Position changes seem to be all the rage this spring. Just ask Connor Barwin, Craig Carey, even Khalil El-Amin just to name a few. Another name to add to the growing list- red shirt freshman Adrien Robinson. The former wide out has left the receiving core and found a new home for himself alongside Cincinnati's crew of tight ends. Bearcat Insider looks into how the new gig is coming along.

Although recruited by the Bearcats as a wide receiver, Robinson’s 6’-4”, 250 lb. frame should suit him well at the new tight end position.  Add 10 pounds to Connor Barwin’s body (6’-4”, 240 lb.), and you’ve got Robinson.  Now add the hands of a player who’s played wide receiver the entirety of his football career, and surely any Bearcat fan can imagine the possible threat Robinson could pose.



Despite the potential success awaiting him in the world of being a tight end, Robinson himself was not always as excited about the move as others.


“I didn’t like it at first because I thought it would be a lot of blocking, and I wanted to run routes, so I didn’t like it,” said Robinson of the move.  “But now that I’ve gotten into it, I kind of like it.  I like it more.


Robinson isn’t the only one warming up to life as a tight end.


“I like Adrien Robinson,” said head coach Brian Kelly shortly after the move.  “I think he’s going to help us a lot.”


Kelly obviously likes what he sees in Robinson.  The depth of the Bearcats wide receiving core provided a challenge for getting Indianapolis native on the field however, and Kelly realizes the more Robinson can see the field, the better.


“What we’re looking at is how we can get him more reps in our entire package.  It’s pretty clear that if we just left him at wide receiver he’d be in and out of the game,” said Kelly.  “It just makes sense for us to get him more work at that (tight end) position.”


Not surprisingly, the physicality level demanded at tight end over wide receiver has proven to be the biggest challenge for Robinson this spring.  He knows he possesses the skills needed to become a better blocker however, and his positive he can become a dangerous blocking tight end.


“I’ve been working on my blocking; I think it’s coming along actually,” said Robinson.  “At receiver I could block corners easily because I was so much bigger.  Now I have to block linebackers and ends.  I think that’s what I need to work on most, the blocking and just remembering all the plays.”


Following at least Dominick Goodman, Marcus Barnett, Charley Howard, and Marshwan Gilyard on the wide receivers depth chart, the move to tight end will allow Robinson to seriously compete for serious playing time this season.


“I think he understands more than anything else that it’s an opportunity to get more playing time,” said coach Kelly of the move.


Robinson has been actively involved thus far this spring, catching or blocking whatever or whoever comes his way.  Is he happy with the increased action he’s been able to see this spring?


“So far I am,” said Robinson.  “I’m not going with the 1’s yet, but I’m getting more playing time than I was.


With a spring like the one he’s been having, there’s no doubt that after a successful summer this fall could see Robinson taking snaps with the first team offense for the coming season.  We’ll continue to watch with interest.


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