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As the Bearcats enter the last week of spring practice it's time to start looking at different parts of the game and break down what is The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Future of "What We Know" about the Bearcat quarterbacks.

As the Bearcats enter the last week of spring practice it’s time to start looking at different parts of the game and break down what is The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Future of “What We Know” about the Bearcat quarterbacks.


We looked at the quarterbacks early in the spring and now after a few weeks head back at “What We Know”. 


The Good


As of this writing there is still a chance Ben Mauk will return as the starter for the Bearcats this fall.  If things go as plan we all should know before the week is over if Ben is back or not.  If Ben is back the Bearcats should enter the season as a legit favorite to fight West Virginia for the Big East title and the chance to be in a BCS game.


The other “Good” of the spring is the play of Chazz Anderson.  The red shirt freshman has moved himself up the chart and if the season started this Saturday, Brian Kelly would have to make the call to start Anderson over Dustin Grutza.  While some coaches would be more willing to go with the veteran the chance to get Anderson the start would help him have settled nerves the following week.  But it’s only April and that choice doesn’t need to be made yet.


All the quarterbacks in camp have seen their ups and downs and the competition was good for all.


The Bad


Ben Mauk may not be back and that will mean Brian Kelly will need to pick a starting quarterback to battle Eastern Kentucky in the opener.  Do you go with fifth year senior Dustin Grutza?  Or do you throw Chazz Anderson out on the field to see how he performs?  The only bad I really see is if Mauk is turned down and the race for who will be the Bearcats signal caller will continue early in camp.  One other bad that could be listed is the mechanics shown by Demetrius Jones.


The Ugly


Each of the quarterbacks have worked hard and seen their time in the spotlight this spring.  But someone will be left behind and that will be done by Brian Kelly.  Two more quarterbacks will enter in August making the depth chart crowded to the point moves will have to be made.  This is always ugly as a player that could be asked to move may have done well but just not well enough to be high enough on the depth chart. 


Change could come in a couple of forms. If a player doesn’t want to change from the quarterback position he may look to transfer out of the program.  The other will come from a player making a move to a different position.  This is what Brian Kelly will try to have happen first and foremost before anyone leaves.  But if a player feels he’s done getting a shot he may feel he has no other choice.


Another “Bad” seen during the spring has been Demetrius Jones throwing motion on several occasions.


The Future


The future is very bright when you look at the depth at the quarterback position.  Brendon Kay and Travis Kelce will enter into the fold and battle behind those ahead of them. This battle should go until after spring practice 2009 and a possible change will need to be made.  We’ve seen this before when Dominick Goodman saw he’d have a better chance as a wide receiver and requested a move early in his career.


With or without Ben Mauk the future will need to be addressed during the upcoming season.  If Mauk is back then someone will be given the title as back-up and that would go to Dustin Grutza who brings veteran leadership to the field and the knowledge of knowing how to win.  Whoever is considered the top guy from the remaining signal callers must get reps in game situation this fall to be ready next spring.


What We Know


Saturday’s scrimmage placed Chazz Anderson in control of his future.  He’s had a great camp showing all the work he did last summer and fall brought a giant payoff.  Anderson has shown he understands what Kelly is wanting and has taken the heat from the head coach when’s he’s done wrong without flinching. 


Here is my opinion on how the Bearcats depth chart would look with and without Ben Mauk.


With Mauk


  1. Mauk
  2. (a) Grutza  (b) Anderson
  3. Jones
  4. Pike
  5. Collaros


Without Mauk


  1. Anderson
  2. Grutza
  3. Jones
  4. Pike
  5. Collaros

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