Bearcats After "Deuce" Coupe

One of the nations top running back prospects is hearing from the Bearcats. Could a "Deuce" Coupe be in the Bearcats backfield in the near future?

In the 1930's Ford Motor produced a rare 3-window vehicle called Model 18. The 18 was build for speed with a V-8 engine and the rest, as they say became history in songs as Deuce Coupe became the rage.

Today, the Bearcats football program is looking to bring their own version of a "Deuce Coupe" to campus giving them a fast and strong running attack. Rolandan Finch, better know as "Deuce" visited the Cincinnati campus two weeks ago and picked up an offer while there.

Since his visit the Louisville St. Xavier running back had a chance to sit back and think about his visit and what he liked.

"I was really surprised by the facilities. I didn't expect to see what Cincinnati had to offer. My dad was with me on the visit and we both were very surprised."

With offers from Kentucky, Louisville, North Carolina State and Stanford, Finch is taking everything in as college coaches start to come in for their spring evaluations.

"Coach Inge I think will be here on Wednesday and several other coaches are also scheduled to visit our school."

Since his visit Deuce was busy with a school retreat and other visits. In May the St. Xavier back will take part in the Under Armour / combine in Cincinnati on May 17th.

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