Down, Set, "Goebel"!

Following the 2006 University of Cincinnati football season, then-freshman running back John Goebel earned a share of UC's Scout Team Player of the Year award. He was then red shirted for the 2007 season. After rushing for a game-high 51 yards on 12 carries in Bearcat Bowl II, Goebel looks ready for big things in 2008.

John Goebel obviously is a guy that we red shirted because we thought he was a very talented player, and now he gets a chance to play.  It’ll be an exciting spring for him because he’ll get a lot of carries,” said head coach Brian Kelly April 1st, following the first day of spring practices.  “I know he’s very anxious to get out here and play.”


Goebel then did what any aspiring player would do coming off of a red shirt year- he got out there and played.  Goebel joined the top returning Bearcat at the position, junior Jacob Ramsey, and the two have split reps with the first team offense ever since.


During the spring game Saturday night, Goebel was featured as the leading back on the red team.  A lingering ankle injury held back Ramsey, as he ran for just four yards on nine carries.


“I don’t know that we felt like Jake was 100 percent coming in,” said coach Kelly.  “We kind of protected him a little bit.  We wanted to be really careful, so we cut back on a lot of his reps, and I think John knew he had to carry a lot of the load today and I think he did.”


Goebel’s physicality is what impressed Kelly the most during Bearcat Bowl II.  The 6’-0”, 208 lb. running back fought constantly against a stout black team defense, with every yard a result of a hard fought battle.


“What I was really impressed with is his ability to lower his pads and get those tough yards.  As you know, we went in with an idea of wanting to run the football out of our spread offense, right through the blue zone and into the goal line,” Said Kelly post-game.  “I think Goebel and Ramsey ran the ball physically,” he added.


“It was definitely physical,” agreed Goebel following the game.  “They came hitting, and I was just trying to get the tough yardage.  Our offensive line was doing well, they were opening up some holes, and our defense was definitely filling the gaps.  I thought it was overall pretty good.”


Goebel looked battered and bruised after Bearcat Bowl II, to say the least.


John after Bearcat Bowl II with young Bearcat fans


“I’m probably going to be needing to ice down a little bit, to be honest,” he admitted.  “I’ve got some blood, some bruises, but it’s football, it was fun.”


Despite taking a beating, Goebel was still able to enjoy himself and have a good time Saturday night.  He even admitted he wasn’t as tired as he normally is following a practice.


“It was definitely fun.  I had a great time out there,” said Goebel.  “Practice to me I think is a lot more tiring and exhausting.  It was fun getting my reps in there with Ramsey, him and I were rotating.  It was definitely a good experience to go against our defense, which is I think one of the best defenses in the Big East.  It was tough.”


Primed for what could be a big year for the Milford, MI native, Goebel is looking forward to the Bearcat’s upcoming off-season training programs.


John with his parents after Bearcat Bowl II


“This is when you build the body up; get bigger, stronger, faster for next season so we can get to them next year,” said Goebel with a smile on his face.


Watch for Goebel to make a big splash in Cincinnati’s running game come this fall.


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