Woods Watches on with Excitement

Bearcat Bowl II marked the end of a long day for future Bearcat D.J. Woods. "I've been here since one in the morning," he noted. But the trip from Strongsville, Ohio proved to be more than worth it for the wide out, as he caught a glimpse of what awaits him in life as a Bearcat.

After a full day of placement tests, youth camps, and relaxing in the dorms watching the NFL draft with his future teammates, Woods was ready for the feature presentation that would be Bearcat Bowl II.  For Woods, the only thing that could have been better than watching the game with his fellow class of ’08 teammates would have been actually playing in the game itself.


“You have no idea, I’m so pissed I can’t play,” stressed Woods prior to kick-off.  “But I’m happy to come out here and see my future teammates and my future family working hard.”


Unable to play, Woods planned on using the game as an opportunity to observe the team he’ll join this summer.


D.J. With Wide Receivers Coach Charley Molnar


“Going from high school, the transition to college is a lot different,” said Woods.  “I’m going to be focusing on how coach Molnar coaches, how the receivers work, and how the DB’s play.”


The 6’-0”, 166 lb. wide out shouldn’t be too bummed about not being able to hit the field during the spring game.  He should have plenty of chances to suit up for the Bearcats in actual games, as soon as this coming season, possibly.


Despite Cincinnati’s already deep receiver core depth chart, Woods remains optimistic about his chances at seeing field action this fall.


“I should have a good chance,” said Woods.  “Right now I have to get to know the play book, be smarter on the field, just make good decisions, see if I could have a chance to start.”


“Right now I just want to get on the field,” he added.  “I want to contribute right away, I want to be part of this team right away, and I want to be that guy that everybody can count on.”


Getting off the line quickly and being able to overall read defenses better are two things Woods plans to focus on this summer when he joins the team for off-season training.  Two other aspects of his game- his speed and work ethic- are what Woods sees as his greatest strengths that could give him a chance at playing time this season.


“My work ethic- I always want to be on the field, I’m going to work as hard as I can to be on the field,” said Woods, showing his desire to play.  “And my speed- hopefully my speed can carry over into this college level.  But I’m going to work on that, too.”


It may be worth noting that Woods has been clocked running a 4.36 seconds 40-yard dash.  But with a work ethic like Woods’, nothing may be fast enough.


The thought of Woods running up and down the field at Nippert Stadium this fall should have Bearcat fans even more excited for the August 28th season opener.

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