Bearcats In The Running For #1 Center

One thing Brian Kelly promised when hired as the head coach of the Bearcats was to go after the best prospects in the country. In Sam Simpson you can't go any higher.

Sam Simpson is rated the number one center in the county by and while he’s happy about the ranking he’s not going out of his way for them.


“I’m honored to be considered as the top center in the country.  I didn’t really know I was ranked so high until my brother who plays for Georgetown College and a few of his buddies saw it on the internet and called me.”


Holding offers from the SEC, ACC and Big East will provide Simpson a chance to really look at they type of program he wants to be part of and he’s wasted little time in making unofficial visits to several with Cincinnati being one he really likes.


“I do like Cincinnati,” Simpson told Bearcat Insider.  “I like Coach Kelly, he’s a real good coach and he’s on the fast track right now and looks like he’s found a spot that he really likes and wants to be at.  When I visited we talked and told me about being at the lower level of college football and not getting the higher talent type of player and having to coach them up.  Now he’s getting the better type of athletes and doing the same coaching so you know you’ll get good coaching.”


Simpson is also finding his recruiting coach to be a guy he likes.


“I’m being recruited by the linebacker coach Inge.  He’s real cool and a great guy to talk with.”


While he’s not close to naming a leader the nation’s number one center has some schools he’s seen a lot from.  Those would include the Bearcats along with Kentucky, Virginia and Stanford. 


Being the son of a coach and former college player, Sam Simpson is taking the recruiting process one step at a time.


“My dad has been there giving me sound advice and has a saying.  He always tells me the following.


Who you playing for?

Where you playing at?

What you playing for?


I always keep this in the back of my mind and will use this when I make my college decision.


Simpson is not in any rush to end the process but for many different reasons.  We’ll continue to follow the recruiting of Simpson in the coming months and find out who is lucky enough to earn his verbal commitment.




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