Bearcats Open Senior Camp

Sunday was the first of three days that will see high school football prospects from across the country travel to the University of Cincinnati with dreams of earning a scholarship. Here is a recap of the day's events.

College football recruiting doesn’t know a holiday.  Fathers Day was the setting for Sunday’s first day of Senior Camp at the University of Cincinnati and over 300 prospects came looking to impress the Bearcats coaching staff.


The day started at the entrance of the Richard E. Lindner Center and the Bearcats prized jewel of Varsity Village.  With a line going out the doors and down the steps to Nippert Stadium high school prospects waited to be checked in and greeted by the Bearcats administration staff and recruiting coordinator Mike Elston.


With 280 campers pre-registered for Day One the line moved smoothly as players got their assignment as to what table they needed to stop by.  Positions were broken down with members of the Bearcats staff there to speak with players.


Once given their card with their assigned jersey color and number players made their way to the weight room.  Once finished in the weight room prospect headed to the hot field turf of Nippert Stadium and what they came for.


Coach Elston spoke to the campers giving them insight as to what the staff expected during the day and how the campers could make their experience better by following the simple rules of the day.


After going through a dynamic warm-up with Coach Paul Longo, the head of the Bearcats Strength and Conditioning program, players were ready to go to work.


Coaches worked with their positions and would use the rest of the day to run prospects through drills that would show their ability as well as their work ethic, flexibility and skills for their position.


For those who’ve never been to a college camp you need to imagine your head on a swivel as there is action all over the place.  The Bearcats not only use Nippert Stadium but also the grounds upstairs to keep everything moving at a fast pace.


After guiding players through position specific drills it’s time to breakdown for some one-on-one action.  Depending upon what you like to watch you could be in for a real treat.


For those who like offense you want to stay and watch the quarterback, wide receivers and defensive backs get after it.  But if you’re a hard-nose football fan you’ll want to check out the defensive and offensive linemen go after each other hard.


With two more days of camp to go we’ll hold off on breaking down the camps top performers.


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