Breakdown Three New Bearcats

Just as Brian Kelly had done after last years Senior Camp, his staff found the players they wanted and closed the deal. After picking up three verbal commitments on Wednesday and Thursday, they received even more news on Friday. Here is a breakdown of what each prospect brings to the Bearcats.

Let me first start off by saying with Brian Kelly you just can't go anywhere at this time of the year. Friday was not only my birthday, but also my 16-th wedding anniversary. Where did I spend it? In South Bend on the campus of Notre Dame watching 44 high school football teams in a major 7-on-7 event sponsored by Adidas that will take teams from the several events they'll hold across the country and play a championship later this summer. Lots of talent at this event and I really wanted to stay, but I just couldn't do it.

While I was to spend Friday and Saturday in South Bend, I made the choice to cut my trip short as I didn't have access to a computer to post the great news about the newest Bearcats to make the call and give their verbal commitments. As I write this it's just about 1-a.m. and I'm so pumped up with today's news.

So to say I'm sorry, here is a "free" breakdown of the three newest Bearcats from what I've seen of them in camp or other camps and combines the past couple of months.

Mike Hilty: Olentangy Liberty HS

I first saw Mike at the Miami Ohio camp the previous week. On that day he was joined by who have now become two of his future teammates Sean McClellan and Dan Sprague. On that day he showed better than both in drills and during one-on-one drills. What I liked most was the aggressive streak he showed during the drills and how he took to coaching. On Tuesday he continued what he started and while I didn't think he did as well as he'd done at Miami, he still was very impressive.

Why Did He Get Offered: Hilty is a hard-nosed football player with great physical upside. He showed a good punch coming off the line with the ability to get the edge. One area he must work on is mixing up his moves. Several times he repeated the same move as he got just too comfortable with it and knew he'd win his battle. After being reminded he quickly changed and still won his battle and then was more open to working in different moves. Quick and explosive are the tools Paul Longo will have to work with when Hilty joins the Bearcats. At this time his patten move is the hoop.

Mitch Meador: Whiteland HS

Meador first showed up on the radar at the Under Armour / combine in Cincinnati this past May. With good physical numbers 6-foot-3.5, 228-pounds and running a 4.63 forty, Meador came as a linebacker but projected more as a future defensive end. His overall numbers at the combine were great and he followed that up at camp with impressive overall numbers.

Why Did He Get Offered: Meador has a frame that Paul Longo will love to mold into a machine at the college level. He's got explosion from the hips and room to grow. During the one-on-one drills he showed the ability to match-up with the offensive linemen in camp and win his battles.

Ryan Paxson: Brighton HS

The first time I saw Ryan Paxson was on Sunday and came away very impressed with his overall physical ability. Long and lean with room to become a major force on the line Paxson is what I call a hidden gem of a player who will someday become a major factor for the Bearcats.

Why Did He Get Offered: The game of football can be taught, but the physical skills Paxson showed are natural with room to expand his game. Paxson does a great job of bending and moving no matter what drill he's asked to do. This is a major pickup for Brian Kelly as this kid has skills that would allow him to play for any school once he enters a college weight program.

Fans have expressed their concerns with getting defensive line help in this class and I think Brian Kelly has done the fan base well with what he's done so far.

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