Kenton Has Another Mauk & More

On Wednesday the University of Cincinnati was home to several high school teams competing in a annual 7-on-7 tournament. The winner of day one has a quarterback with the last name of a quarterback Bearcat fans are waiting to hear more news on in the coming days.

At this time last year University of Cincinnati fans had heard the name Ben Mauk and waited for the former Wake Forest and Kenton High School quarterback to show them what he could do.


With his father the head coach at Kenton High School, Ben watched last summer as his former high school captured one of Brian Kelly’s 7-on-7 championships.


This year the Bearcat faithful still has Mauk on the tip of their tongues as they wait for a decision by the NCAA  on the status of Ben, who is trying to get a sixth season of eligibility.


Wednesday the Mauk family was on the field turf of Nippert Stadium looking to continue the winning ways since coming under the C-Paw karma.


With young Maty Mauk taking the snaps from center Kenton looked to take home a second UC championship in as many years.


They didn’t go home empty handed at the end of the day.


“Our kids love to come to an event like this and compete with teams from across the Midwest.  We’ve been to a few 7-on-7 events and have done well, but we’ve now had great success the past two years at Cincinnati.”


With another son taking shotgun snaps at Kenton, father knows a lot of people will be watching what happens.  Maty, only a freshman has already started to hear the praise of those at the college level.  While college teams can’t make an official written offer to Mauk, don’t be surprised if Cincinnati issues a verbal one in the coming months.


But Wednesday had father and younger brother on the field with Ben watching and giving advice.


“Maty has been working hard and spent some time with me this summer working on his mechanics, said Ben.  “He’s a lot better now than when he came down here as he continues to work on throwing the ball.  He’s a very good runner and is going to cause some problems for some teams this year.”


While some may question using a freshman as a starting quarterback in high school, the younger Mauk has proven the past two years to be as good if not better than any quarterback on the roster.


According to his father and coach, the younger Mauk is already ahead of his brother and may be an even better running in high school.


“Maty has been working hard and is showing some signs he’ll be a good passer and runner at the quarterback position, said veteran head coach Mike Mauk.  “He’s a little bigger and may have a stronger arm than Ben did at this stage of the game.”


While father won’t go too in detail comparing his sons against one another, the coach in him knows he’s got something to be excited about if Maty can continue on his current path.


When Ben was at the helm Kenton enjoyed great team success and solid play from players that understood the team concept despite outsiders looking only at Ben and the numbers he posted.  Maty knows he can’t reach the goals he’s set without the help of his teammates and numbers are only good if wins are part of the success.


Could the excitement Kenton enjoyed during Ben’s career return?  It’s starting to look that way by the team’s performances this summer.


Here is a photo of the Kenton team after their championship win.



Note to Kenton Players:  The full size photo will be emailed to Coach Mauk so you can get your copy to print.


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