Pre-Camp Coach's Check-Up 2: Greg Forest

In our second coach's check-up, we catch up with Cincinnati's quarterback's coach Greg Forest. The quarterback position will be on in which everybody will be watching closely this season, and heading into his 19th season with head coach Brian Kelly, coach Forest will make certain his quarterbacks deliver under that pressure.

Enjoying the beautiful weather during UC's recent 7-on-7 high school tournament, coach Forest was looking forward to the team's upcoming pre-season camp. Having all of the little things in order ready for the players arrival and making sure the playbook is all set are just a couple of things he and the other coaches will be taking care of before then.

Coach Forest seemed as excited as most of the players we've spoken to about getting into the team's pre-season camp. At Camp Higher Ground this summer he'll be making sure his crop of quarterbacks all make strides in learning how to run the offense.

"Just getting better at what we do with our progression reads and running the offense," said the coach on what he wants to focus on at camp. "It's key that our quarterbacks understand what we're trying to do, and we've stressed that from day one, and we'll continue to stress that all the way through."

The quarterback situation here in Cincinnati has been almost as dramatic as the one unfolding in Green Bay, Wisconsin this off-season. Uncertainty has surrounded the position, with the team and entire city waiting to hear back from the NCAA on the status of last season's superhero quarterback Ben Mauk. Coach Forest is no exemption.

"All of them, but Ben Mauk especially," answered the coach when asked who he was looking forward to seeing back in action. "Hopefully the NCAA will hurry up and make that decision soon, but if not we'll move on from there. Of course everybody would like to see that happen, but we've got some good, young kids like we had last year, and Dustin's done a great job. It'll be a tight race. It'll come down to the end, like it always does, but that's what you want, you want competition and guys pushing one another, it makes everybody better."

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