Brian Kelly Aug. 6th CHG Quotes

Wednesday morning's practice at Camp Higher Ground was a busy day for the Cincinnati Bearcats. Afterwards, head coach Brian Kelly took a few moments to speak with members of the media on a variety of topics.

On senior defensive end Lamonte Nelms not practicing today:

"He's (Nelms) coming off that shoulder surgery. We've decided on two or three players that we're not going to grind them back-to-back practice. Lamonte Nelms, Alex Daniels, Adam Hopple, I think those are the three guys that we made the decision for this week we're not going to put them back-to-back."

"Just holding them back, we don't want to go two sessions with those guys. We decided last night to make that decision, and then we'll evaluate it at the end of the week and see where we are."

On one of the many wide receiver battles:

"I would say that that is a battle right now between Gilyard and Binns, a great battle. You saw today a little bit of that competitive spirit with both those guys; they both want to be in there. Matter of fact, one time one guy was supposed to come out and he wouldn't come out. That's good, we like that. It's a very competitive situation between Binns and Gilyard right now."

On his team's running game for the day:

"Well today was second and third and short, and we should be more of a heavy run influence on a day like today. So today was a day for them to get in there and find out what they can do in between the tackles, and we ran hard. Again, second and third and short- you better make some first downs, you better be about 70 percent efficient. So, as I told our defense, ‘Listen, there's going to be days where the drill work is set up for one to be more successful than the other. Here's your job- stay out of second and third and short. Let's not get there.' That was the emphasis, so the backs got a lot of work today."

On true freshman running back Isaiah Pead and his 30-yard run during one of the live drills:

"He's got some ability, but keep it in perspective, that was the second group in there, it wasn't the first group. When he does that against our first defense I'll get a little bit more excited."

On his team's defense:

"I think the best way that I would describe them is experienced and very fast. We're extremely fast. We are faster as a unit than we were at this time last year. Now, we've got to stay healthy and the right guys have got to be on the field. We're just more physical and faster as a unit than we were at this time last year."

On senior quarterback Dustin Grutza:

"He's got to be more consistent. I think that the one thing that I want from my senior quarterback is he can't throw any interceptions. If he's going to give us something as a leader, as a senior, he's got to have a presence on the field. He's got a good presence, he's got great leadership skills, he's got to make good decisions, he can't turn the football over. I'll just turn it over to a freshman, because I know he'll turn it over."

On red shirt junior wide receiver Charley Howard:

"He's just a guy that can do a little bit of everything for us; he plays all three positions which is very difficult to do. I just said it to our team, one of the things that we fight as coaches is confusion amongst our players as to where they stand. ‘Coach, where do I stand, am I first or am I second?' And the reason why there's confusion is their inconsistent performances, good days, bad days. You never get a bad day from Charley Howard. He's consistent everyday. Nobody's confused about what Charley Howard can do for our football team, because you know you can count on him if you put him in a situation. That's what he gives us and that's invaluable."

"I think he's matured. I think the system fits him very well. Obviously when you feature more wide receivers you get a chance to step out from four or five different receivers. He doesn't necessarily have the ability to be the fastest, he's not necessarily the strongest, but he does everything well, and that consistency helps our offense. He's solid; he's just a guy you can count on. Boy, at the end of the day when you have to pay your mortgage with 18-21-year olds, he's a good guy to have on your side."

"Right now he is backing up three positions. And as you know, you can't play every play. He could get as many snaps as being the number two at all three positions."

On who he would name his MVP of the day's practice:

"MVP I would say has got to be… I'd say the guy that impressed me the most today was Torrey Cornett. He plays so fast, I mean it's a different level of fast at the linebacker position, he's my MVP."

We'll be sure to have more from both Brian Kelly and Camp Higher Ground throughout the week.

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