UC Coach's CHG Water Cooler Aug. 7th

Thursday was another busy day for the University of Cincinnati Bearcats at Camp Higher Ground. Following the day's practice we caught up with a handful of members of the coaching staff to discuss some of the afternoon's events. See what Brian Kelly, Greg Forest & Tim Hinton had to say.

Head coach Brian Kelly:

On his team's running game for the day:

"It's always a mixed blessing. We're very fast on defense; we've got to be more stout against the run. We ran the ball today I thought very effectively. I think John Goebel saw the field very well, ran hard. Those are the big back, both those kids (Goebel and Jacob Ramsey); I thought they showed good acceleration. Listen, you cannot run the spread and be a finesse team and win a Big East championship. So today the real point of emphasis was you've got to be tough mentally regardless of the system that you run. And today was really a mindset of going out there and running the ball and playing physical and I thought we did."

His MVP pick of the day's practice:

"MVP today without question would be Dustin Grutza. He was nine out of ten in efficiency on a quick look in terms of his decision making and positive plays in our 11-on-11, and he's been very effective in our 11-on-11 periods."

Quarterbacks coach Greg Forest:

On Kelly naming Grutza his MVP pick for the day:

"Yeah I think Dustin just had two great days in a row. He was 9-of-10 yesterday in 11-on-11, showed his poise, showed his experience yesterday and today; he did a great job."

On some of his underclassmen quarterbacks:

"Well I think both Zach Collaros and Chazz Anderson are doing a great job, and you can see Demetrius (Jones)' progress everyday, he just gets better everyday."

On his true freshmen quarterbacks, Brendon Kay and Travis Kelce:

"Well you know they're doing mental reps right now. We're just trying to get them to understand the offense so when they get their chance to compete in the spring and next fall they'll be ready to go."

Running backs coach Tim Hinton:

His thoughts of the running backs and running game overall on the day:

"Well I've got to tell you I thought in that run period I thought we did a really, really good job. The offensive line did a nice job of getting hats on people and keeping square so we had the ability to make some two way go runs. I really liked the way we moved piles backwards, sometimes it didn't look like we had much. Once or twice we probably bounced a play that we could have stuck it up inside a little better, but I thought overall we showed good toughness."

"When we get in space we're pretty good, and if you count the number of times we made the first guy miss today, I thought those were outstanding."

On red shirt sophomore John Goebel and his toughness:

"He gets his pad levels down really well. It's hard to take him on because his pad level's so low, and he runs his feet, he's got good toughness, and he has a good vision of when he's got to put his foot in ground and go vertical or make a cut."

His thoughts on the status of his team's running game:

"I'm truly pleased with where we are right now. Now we've got to get to game day and make sure our kids perform on game day."

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