A Wacky Hair Affair at CHG

When the University of Cincinnati football team goes out to Camp Higher Ground it puts a constant focus on football, perfect for pre-season camp. On a lighter note, it also allows for a number of players to "express themselves" with their hair. Some freshmen appear victim to mohawks, with some veterans getting in on the action using their creative talents. We've got the inside scoop.

"I kind of call it the ‘no-hawk'," says UC wide receiver Charley Howard of his current hairstyle.

To give him credit, ‘no-hawk' does serve Howard's hair style nicely. Kind of an inside-out mohawk, Howard's head has been buzzed short in a stripe right up the middle, while the sides retain their longer, curlier locks. There's one question that just has to come into the head of everyone who sees Howard's hair cut- Why?

"Well I had seen the last couple of years and around here this year too the mohawk's the thing to do," said the red shirt junior. "And I don't really like following people, I like to be my own self. I decided I'm going to do the opposite of what everybody else does."

Fair enough. Howard isn't solely responsible for this hair affair, however.

"I had (UC red shirt freshman defensive lineman) John Hughes do it for me, from Lincoln High School," says Howard. "He was cutting my hair when I was in high school, so I had him cut it out here now."

Hughes did a fine job, as UC head coach Brian Kelly had nothing but compliments for the wide receiver's hair cut when asked which of the crazy hair dos seen in camp was his personal favorite.

"Charley Howard, it's no question the best one I've ever seen in 19 years," said the coach. "Nobody can have a haircut like that and get away with it. It is outstanding, and he's got a little brown thing going at the end. I don't even know what that means."

That "little brown thing" is easy to miss at first glance, but Howard was quick to point out the icing on the cake of his hair cut.

"I don't know if you noticed but I've got the died rat tail in the back, I died it orange," said Howard.

That's right. As if the ‘no-hawk' wasn't enough, the died orange rat tail coming off the bottom of his neck gives Howard hands down one of the most unique hair styles ever imagined. The inspiration for such a rat tail could come from only one man, as Howard was also quick to point out.

"Marcus Barnett, that's my roommate, craziest man I've ever met," said Howard. "He just had some dye, he's always dying his hair, he's already always playing with his hair, so I decided I'd be a little crazy with him since he's my roommate, get the rat tail in the back."

UC fans looking to get an in-person look at Howard's ‘no-hawk'/orange rat tail combination may be in luck August 10th during Cincinnati's "Meet the Team Day" at King's Island.

"I kind of like it," said Howard of his hair cut. "I think I might take it with me to King's Island."

After that, don't expect to see any more of the ‘no-hawk' or any other crazy hair do from members of the team, as coach Kelly plans to soon take on hair police duties.

"They've got about seven days to have fun with their hair," said Kelly of his players. "Because when picture day comes and they look like that, they're not in the picture."

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