Mauk Will Fight NCAA Off The Field

Just like he'd done so many times on the football field Ben Mauk will fight until he has no more left in his body to have one more season of eligibility. After being turned down three times by the NCAA, Mauk looks for support in the courtroom.

Ben Mauk is a legend in his hometown of Kenton, Ohio. It was here Mauk rewrote national records in passing and helped his team to two state championships in the process. Today, Mauk looked for some help from his hometown as he filed a lawsuit against the NCAA in Hardin Country Court.

Just like his play on the field, Mauk is the type of person who will not go without a fight. After three attempts to gain another year of eligibility from the NCAA the Bearcats quarterback called an audible rejecting the final ruling and earning a temporary restraining order stating the NCAA couldn't stop him from practicing until an August 22 hearing for a permanent injunction can be issued against the NCAA.

After transferring to Cincinnati following a short lived NCAA rule from Wake Forest. Mauk showed the college football world what he was capable of doing in a system made for his skills.

The Bearcats under first year head coach Brian Kelly won 10 games for only the second time in school history and earned a final ranking of 17 in college football's Top 25 after beating Southern Mississippi in the Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama.

Mauk had left Cincinnati's preseason camp after the ruling last week to be with his family in Kenton but returned Monday afternoon and spoke with Brian Kelly. No talk of a lawsuit was heard on Monday as Mauk talked about getting on with his life.

Since filing his first appeal Mauk has been told he lacked the needed paperwork from Wake Forest about an injury he had coming into the school as a freshmen. The NCAA ruled that players had a choice in being redshirted and that Mauk made the choice to miss his first season on the field not from injury but by choice.

After filling two more appeals the NCAA ruled again that Mauk didn't show enough medical documentation to support any claim about the injury and denied his request for the final time.

Court action is the only way Ben Mauk has been left with fighting against the NCAA and today he did just that on his home turf.

According to sources close to Ben the lawsuit became the only means he had in hoping to regain the year lost from the injury and that he (Mauk) should not be held at fault that files from Wake Forest weren't maintained in a manner to help his eligibility request.

Calls to Ben and his father Mike Mauk have gone unreturned at this time.

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