Guidugli Ready To Breakout From The Shadows

When your last name is hanging inside the stadium you play in, you know people are expecting a lot from you. Ben Guidugli looks forward to this being the season he'll come out from the giant shadow left by his older brother Gino.

Last season Ben Guidugli saw action on the field as the Bearcats enjoyed only their second ten-win campaign in school history. But while the former Ft. Thomas Highlands star was excited about his role he knew he's still not reached the level he wants to achieve.

"I guess you could say that. But I'm just trying to get my teammates and coaches respect because I know what I can do on the field. But earning the respect of your peers and coaches is something no one can take away from you."

With a family known for their hard work on and off the field, Ben used a giant resource close to his disposal. Father Dave Guidugli is known for his off season work with players from the college level to the NBA and NFL. How much time did Ben spend with his dad?

"We spent a lot of time down at the boxing gym working on foot speed and anything extra that will help you become a better player."

Coming into Cincinnati Ben was known for his offensive abilities catching and scoring with the ball in his hands. But while he was a polished high school player he knew he needed more work if he wanted to make a difference in the college game.

"I've done a lot of work with the jugs machine. Everyday last year after practice I'd go hit the jugs and I'm hitting again this year. When you watch the ball come into your hands everyday you just get the feel for it and I feel when the ball hits my hands it's not going anywhere else."

With a deep cast at the tight-end position Ben knows he'll be sharing time and fighting for playing time.

"I feel good about the guys we have at the tight end position. We have a lot of talent and know if someone gets hurt or gets tired we can sub right in without any drop in performance."

Growing up Ben heard the cheers his brother Gino received during his Bearcats career. With his brothers name inside the stadium does the 6-foot-2, 241-pound tight-end look forward to the day fans will again yell for a Guidugli?

"I've been waiting for this day since I got here. Ever since I signed that letter I've looked forward to the day I'll have a chance to make a name for myself."

Recruited by Mark Dantonio and his staff Ben has found the coaching change one his career needed.

"Coach D kind of put me at a position I didn't feel I was capable of playing. When Coach Kelly and his staff came in they moved me to a spot where I feel I can make some positive things happen and that's on offense."

If Ben Guidugli can continue the play he's shown during camp Bearcat fans will have something to cheer about this fall. Ben Guidugli has all the tools to make things happen and he knows 2008 could well see him doing some special things his brother never did during his college career.

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