Armstrong Gaining Confidence

The move from high school to college can sometimes play with a player's confidence. Robby Armstrong is starting to regain his confidence and it's showing on the field.

When Robby Armstrong left Murraysville, Pennsylvania for the University of Cincinnati in 2006 he didn't really know what to expect. As one of Mark Dantonio's top recruits out of Western Pennsylvania much was expected of the First-Team all-state selection. But as Robby learned the college game comes to each at a different pace.

"This is my third year here and at first I wasn't crazy about camp. But I'm starting to like it and get use to it the more I'm here. You kind of lose track of time the more you're here and camp seems to go much faster."

Part of getting use to it can be playing time for a young player and Robby Armstrong was no different. Having been a main part of Franklin Regional's 15-1 AAA State Championship the Western Pennsylvania native was use to being on the field with the ball in his hands. In college Armstrong was just looking for his chance.

"My first year and last year I really didn't do much and that was a major adjustment for me. But this year I'm getting a ton more reps with the two's and even some with the ones. It's been a different camp for me as I'll be in at Sam linebacker if Corey Smith needs to come out and I'm on most of the special teams and in on nickel and baller that I'll be switching in and out on."

With the added time in practice Armstrong has seen a change in himself as well.

"For awhile I dreaded practice and just standing around. Now I look forward to practice as I'm getting more reps. I feel more a part of the team now."

Part of the increased field time comes from starting to feel comfortable with the college game.

"College is so different than high school. The biggest difference is the distance from home, speed of the game and the amount of information you need to know at this level. My high school offense, defense and special teams combined are not even one-third of what we have here and we're still installing more every day."

The son of Bob and Sherri Armstrong has even found his parents to be more excited about the upcoming season.

"My parents are thrilled about this season and next season. I talked with them when I returned home for a week this summer and their very excited and plan on being at a lot of the games. In fact their making plans for the games next season this year so they'll be ready."

As with most players who make the move to the college game Robby Armstrong is starting to find his stride and gaining more confidence. The mechanical engineering major knows his time is coming and he must continue to work on and off the field to take full advantage of his skills.

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