Looking Back 6 Biggest Questions

We gave you six big questions that needed to be answered for the Bearcats to have success against Oklahoma. Now let's look back and see what happened.

1. Kicking Game

Brandon Yingling went 2-3 and that was an upgrade from Jake Rogers performance against Eastern Kentucky. But another missed PAT is cause for concern if a game comes down to a kick. Does Brian Kelly look at others for the kicking job or keep Rogers and Yingling fighting it out each week? Look for the latter to happen but many local fans will start to ask for Danny Milligan on PAT's. Also keep in mind there is more to kicking than just the kick and we're not sure if another area broke down on the missed attempt.

2. Running Game

Take away the sack numbers that decrease the running numbers and the Bearcats managed 118 total yards rushing the football. But the running game was a non-factor this weekend as Jacob Ramsey only posted 32 yards on 8 carries and John Goebel only posted 28 yards on 8 carries. The rest were gained by Dustin Grutza (9-36) and Tony Pike (3-21) with a single carry and yard by Scott Johnson.

Zone blocking schemes are tricky and the Bearcats just don't have it down yet. This isn't man-on-man running but a zone where lanes open and backs must hit their seam or the play doesn't work. This area can change in a week as I've seen it happen in the past. While it's nice to have a two-back rotation it sometimes doesn't allow for a back to get into a groove.

3. Offensive Line Play

You can look at number two and see part of the answer to this one. Three sacks were given up on the day and while Dustin Grutza did have a decent stats day much of it was when he was on the move. In the end the worst thing that can happen to an offensive line happened as Grutza goes down with an injury that will keep him out several weeks. There is talent on the line and Oklahoma has a ton on talent on their defense. But the next week must be spent on getting things in order.

4. Byrd & Hoppel Ready To Go

Terrill Byrd was back doing what he does posting 9 total tackles despite getting doubled and tripled team throughout the game. Adam Hoppel didn't even show up on the tackle chart and could still be nursing an injury. Overall there wasn't enough pressure placed on Oklahoma from the interior defensive line and that forced the defense to do some other things as they looked to apply some.

5. Quarterback Play

When you look at the stat sheet you see that overall Dustin Grutza had a decent day hitting on 65% of his passes while under constant pressure. But the area that has always kept Dustin an average signal caller showed its head again as an interception in the end zone took points off the board and kept Dustin looking to have that game where he throws more touchdowns than interceptions. But with Dustin going down for at least a month Brian Kelly will have to do a lot of searching on who to use to replace his senior signal caller. While the Bearcats head coach was quick to name Tony Pike he also knows he's got two weeks before making a final choice.

6. National Stage

The Bearcats did ok on the national stage but not great. The early jitters shown by the team allowing two quick Oklahoma scores before settling down and showing what fans are a custom to seeing. But overall Cincinnati was out manned as Oklahoma showed why many feel this team is one to watch for a national championship run.

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