Kelly Not In Strange Waters

With the loss of Tony Pike against Akron Saturday, Brian Kelly finds himself in waters he's charted before. Not too long ago Kelly had to rely on a redshirt freshman quarterback to take the reins of his team. The outcome is now history. Can it repeat itself?

In the 2006 season opener Brian Kelly was the head coach at Central Michigan. While Kelly had settled on Brian Brunner as his starting quarterback to start the season an injury to Brunner forced Kelly to give Dan LeFevour his shot. The rest is not only Central Michigan history but also NCAA history.

Not only did LeFevour earn MAC Freshman of the Year Honors he also passed for 3,031 yards and 26 touchdowns in 14 games.

Now Kelly finds himself again looking towards a redshirt freshman quarterback to help his team find the success he enjoyed with LeFevour. But the question Kelly hasn't answered is who his quarterback with be on Friday night.

Since spring when Ben Mauk was in limbo with his playing status many have talked about who would be behind Dustin Grutza. Tony Pike went from not taking snaps in the first week of camp to being the starter after Grutza went down against Oklahoma. Now with Pike down the words of Ben Mauk still ring in my ears.

It was after this spring that Mauk felt Zach Collaros had the tools to run Kelly's spread attack and do it in the same manner he'd enjoyed. Much like Mauk, the former Steubenville High School two-time state champion has shown the moxie Mauk displayed during his year at Cincinnati and the ability to keep a play alive.

Will Collaros prove Mauk was right? If Brian Kelly goes with Collaros don't be surprised if he does. Kelly knows how to get a quarterback ready to not only have success on the field but to win. Collaros knows what it takes to win big-time games and with that confidence may be a dangerous weapon for the Bearcats.

While Chazz Anderson and Demetrius Jones will both fight for the starting job many feel Kelly will go with Collaros on Friday night against Marshall.

One thing is for certain. Whoever earns the starting job will have a great chance to find success on the field as Kelly and his staff has shown in the past they can prepare a quarterback in a short period of time and that there is a great chance he'll have success.

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