Revels Doesn't Mind, He's Enjoying The Ride

Andre Revels knows many in his position would be having a problem not being in the starting lineup. But the former Colerain Cardinal knows all that matters is the end results on the scoreboard and not those that show up on a stat sheet.

Despite not starting a game this fall, Andre Revels is second on the team in tackles behind All-American cornerback Mike Mickens. Some would think the former Colerain star would be hyper with talk about not taking his place in the starting lineup, but not Revels.

"I do whatever the coaches ask me to do and they place me in good positions to make things happen. All that matters is someone is getting the job done."

While others might have problems Revels looks at it like he's just doing his job.

"This is the reason they gave me a scholarship to come here. If I'm not getting my job done I'd be cheating my teammates, coaches, the fans and myself."

With 32 total tackles Andre knows more is needed as the Bearcats enter Big East play this week against Rutgers.

He's heard the talk that fans may feel the defense hasn't performed up to their potential.

"Every year is a new defensive mind set. We have different seniors each year and we have new guys stepping into new roles. But as you progress you start to get a feel for everyone and what position there at and you start playing better. I feel we're just starting to find ourselves as a unit and we should continue to improve."

Not only has Revels seen his teammates grow he knows he's grown as well. But one of the biggest things Andre is proud of is the growth of the program and the support the city has shown to the Bearcats.

"This is my fourth year here. The University of Cincinnati has been everything I've needed as a young man growing up. As a student athlete I'm ahead of my classes and I hope to start work on my masters in communications next year. But the greatest thing is I've seen this city grow around this football team and organization. We've had new facilities and money, when I first got here we didn't even have meeting rooms as we had to walk up the big hill to Edwards and meeting in school rooms. Now we've got the things needed to be successful on and off the field and they continue to improve."

While Andre is proud of being a Bearcat, he's also very proud to have come from Colerain where he helped the Cardinals win a state championship. Last weekend saw a small setback for the Cardinals and Andre said he heard about it right after the Marshall game.

"I had a voice mail from on my phone when I got on the bus from Bradley Glatthaar from Elder. He said I know you're happy about the win but give me a call because I have some big news for you. When I called him he told me about Colerain losing. But this is just a small setback and they'll be back this weekend."

This week has also seen a flux of calls from some former teammates looking for help.

"I've got phone calls and emails from former players wishing us luck and asking about getting tickets for this weekend's game. So it's an exciting time to be in this program and I'm happy to be able to say I'm playing a small role."

While his name may not be announced during the starting roll call, Bearcat fans have come accustomed to hearing Revel's name called during games. One thing is for sure, no matter if he's on the sidelines or on the field Andre Revels is enjoying every moment of his time as a Bearcat.

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