Hello Bearcat Insider

Hello University of Cincinnati fans and raving sports lunatics (who am I kidding that encompasses most of us).

My name is Jordan Kleinhenz and I am a journalism student at UC. I graduated from Walnut Hills High School in 2007, where I was a four year starter in both football and rugby, and captained both teams my junior and senior years. I am a born competitor and sports are my passion, which mostly stems from having six brothers. I had no choice but to be more than a little competitive, and there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing top of the line athletes go head to head. I was moved to Cincinnati about nine years ago and have taken to this city from the second I crossed the bridge from Kentucky. I love the tradition of terrific competition, the high school rivalries are amazing and the fans are nuts.

I played contact sports in high school but my love for competition runs taller than my relative shortness of stature, girth, and inability to ever acquire a jump shot. I am a huge fan of Huggins and what he did with our basketball program and I was sad to see him go. This made me fall into a little bit of a slump as a Bearcat basketball fan. But that slump is over and I am very excited to see what our basketball team will do this year with Mick Cronin behind the wheel and a bevy of talent coming in. We have some stars coming back from injury which makes this Bearcat fan chomping at the bit in anticipation for the season to start.

Since I started attending UC I have gone to every football practice I could make it to, I would sit and take detailed notes for no other reason than just for practice. I would go home and sit and review my own notes and try to make mock stories. Of course this attempt at journalism was pretty absurd, and all it did for me is to prove to my friends and family that I had finally gone off the deep end. Until I got a call from my good friend Sam Elliott and I explained to him that I had a passion for sports and reporting, and it is what I want to do for a career. He told me about Mr. Berk and slipped me his phone number.

My immediate reaction was absolutely, fantastic, and holy smokes yes! Sam explained to me that this could not count as an internship because I am a freshman, but I do not care. I am excited to be doing something that I love and bringing to you, the rabid Bearcat fans, an inside perspective to sports at The University of Cincinnati. Just as my father told me when I was young, do something that you love and are passionate about because then it will never feel like work. And that is the motto that I try to live and write by.

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