Canfield Stays Focused On Goals

This week was a big week for Bearcats senior offensive lineman Trevor Canfield. With the announcement of his selection for the East-West Game Canfield knows the future is in what the Bearcats do in the next several weeks. We spoke with Trevor after practice.

Trevor Canfield knows the Bearcats are in a great position to have success in his final year on campus. The senior has seen the highs and lows being a hometown kid of the Bearcats program and is excited about the programs and his future. But, he also knows work must be done.

"We're in a real good position to win the Big East and that's been our goal from the time the season ended last year." As a senior leader Canfield knows he's part of a group that must have success no matter who lines up next to him. "The offensive line is coming together as one. Like any team you're going to have guys that get nicked up and have to miss time on the field. Jason Kelce had to step out for two games and Alex Hoffman came in and took his spot doing a great job as we won those games. Sam Griffin is another player that has came into a game and done a great job. It really doesn't matter who comes in as all of our offensive linemen are big and physical. If there in there they are going to play hard Bearcats football." Tuesday's practice saw some fun and excitement installed by position coaches and the offensive line was no different as Jeff Quinn looked to make sure his guys got some good work in while also making sure no one went down with a crazy injury.

"This week is a week to get healed up and practice smart. That's Coach Kelly's belief. You don't want to go too hard and get banged up when it doesn't matter. We're working on the small things right now and then next week we'll get ready for UConn."

Being from Cincinnati has allowed Trevor the chance to see first hand the response of fans and the city towards the Bearcats. How much has changed?

"Looking back now it's crazy how far this program has come. When I first got here we'd come out for our pregame and you'd see mom and dad in the stands. That was cool but not as cool as it is today when we come out. Now you come out and there are lots of people out here cheering you on. The atmosphere in the stadium is great and it never was like this in the past. I can't say enough how much the team really appreciates the fans supporting us and the program the way they are doing now."

One reason for the recent support being shown by fans is the success the team has enjoyed on the field. Have you given much thought about playing in a BCS game?

"Our first goal is to always win the Big East. You win the Big East and lose only one game your going to put Cincinnati on the map because you're going to be playing in a BCS game. But our goal is always to win the Big East and let the rest take care of itself."

Trevor knows the games are counting down before his final time taking the Nippert Stadium turf as a Bearcat. How does he see the future of the team along the offensive line?

"We've got guys like Randy Martinez who came over from the defensive line and is now on the o-line. He's got long arms and I feel is going to become a player here before he's done. Evan Davis is a true freshman who knew coming in he needed to get bigger but he's strong and going to be a real good player at Cincinnati. But with guys like Sam Griffin, C.J. Cobb and Alex Hoffman the offensive line isn't going to miss a beat in the years to come. We have a lot of talent that fans haven't seen yet."

This week saw Trevor earn his first post-season All-Star Game invitation. With talk of him being a player that will be drafted in next springs NFL Draft has he given much thought about the future?

"I've been invited to the East-West game and I called the Senior Bowl representative who told me my invitation should be going out. But right now we've got work to do here in winning the Big East. If we take care of our business good things are going to happen for a lot of us."

Bearcat fans should be excited about what Trevor Canfield has done and will do the remaining of this season. While it would be easy to look past being a Bearcat for a few months with draft talk starting Canfield has stayed focused and determined to take the Bearcats to their first Big East Championship and BCS Game.

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