Practice Report Oct 16, 2008

The University of Cincinnati football team was back on the practice field Thursday as they look to finish out this off week. Bearcat Insider was on hand.

Thursday was the perfect day for football, a great temperature and beautiful weather can do that and members of the Bearcats football team are no different.

With that in mind practice started in a rather lackadaisical fashion until the hammer came down. Coaches can smell when there is a lack of intensity and they snuffed it out before it set the tone for the rest of the day.

While the offensive line practiced hand speed drills on the dummies, and the defense slammed into the pads, coaches could be heard yelling "Championship football that is why we are here!"

Tony Pike is back with the ones even with a cast on his arm, and showing off the impressive power he can generate with the deep downfield passes. Most of the day the first team offense cut up the second team defense in a rather impressive manner. Pike looked strong and only had a couple of throws leave his hand that he might have wanted back.

Chazz Anderson also took snaps and made his mark with a few fantastic throws during the teams 7-on-7 work.

While the offense narrowly outperformed the defense in the 7-on-7 drills, the defensive line did some work to the offensive line as they ran all kinds of complicated stunts and pivots with the O-line had a hard time countering.

After a bit of "coaxing" they got their act together and played a key role in the relatively short practice with the starting offense going against the first team defense.

All I can say is that UConn had better bring their A-game because the ‘Cats looked very good.

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