Five Big Questions USF

We look at the five biggest questions the Bearcats will face as they get ready to take the field turf at Nippert Stadium to battle USF on Thursday night.

Quarterback: Will Tony Pike be ready to go or will Brian Kelly have to use Chazz Anderson or Zach Collaros? This is a major question as the Bearcats offense is struggling and a healthy Tony Pike gives the Bearcats the best chance for a victory.

Running Game: Two backs both with over 5-yards per carry only got their hands on the ball seven times against Connecticut; can the Bearcats get their 7-th ranked Big East rushing attack on track? Only Rutgers has a poorer running attack in the Big East this year. Both Jacob Ramsey and John Goebel have shown the ability to get yards.

Pass Protection: Can the Bearcats get their offensive line to max out protect when they do pass? Tony Pike and Anderson both ran for their lives on Saturday as Cody Brown and Lindsey Witten make life tough. South Florida brings George Selvie with them as he looks to add to his 5 sacks so far this season.

Leadership: Do the Bearcats have senior leadership or any leadership at all? Much has been said since the end of Saturday's game about senior leadership or leadership from anyone on the team. Is there an issue in this area after having great leadership last season?

Jeckly & Hyde: Will the Bearcats be passive like Jeckle or aggressive like Hyde? To get into the Halloween spirit this team will need to make a stance and decide what team they will be on Thursday night and the rest of the season. South Florida will bring in the Big East number one ranked scoring and total offense and number one ranked total defense while also being the number three ranked scoring defense to Nippert Stadium on Thursday night. The Bearcats will have to show if their going to be Jeckle and be passive in their play or Hyde and attack the Bulls driving a stake into their heart by giving them their third Big East loss of the season.

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