Five Biggest Questions Answers

We gave you the five biggest questions the Bearcats would face taking on South Florida. Now we look at the answers to the five biggest questions in the Bearcats victory over the ranked team from the Sunshine State.

Q: Will Tony Pike be ready to go or will Brian Kelly have to use Chazz Anderson or Zach Collaros?

A: Tony Pike looked like the Tony Pike fans got excited about prior to his arm injury. Pike would go 20 of 28 with one interception and 2 touchdowns. Not only did Pike do a great job finding the open receiver he also did a great job of escaping pressure to make several plays. Collaros would take a few snaps as the game came to a close picking up a few rushing yards and keeping the clock running.

Q: Can the Bearcats get their running game on track?

A: While there were a few runs that helped the offensive attack the Bearcats still didn't get the running game you'd like to see in a balanced attack. But, the running backs did play a role in this victory coming out of the backfield with four catches for 49 yards. I really like how John Goebel is progressing and wouldn't be surprised if he starts to get more touches.

Q: Can the Bearcats get their offensive line to max out protect when they pass?

A: I'm sure offensive line coach Jeff Quinn would like to see even better protection, you have to say it was better than a week ago and by giving up only two sacks proves that.

Q: Do the Bearcats have the senior leadership or any leadership at all?

A: Yes, look who stepped up on Thursday night especially on defense. Brandon Underwood, Corey Smith, Connor Barwin, Ryan Manalac, Mick Mickens, DeAngelo Smith, Lamonte Nelms and Adam Hoppel left everything on the field.

Q: Will the Bearcats be passive like Jeckly or aggressive like Hyde?

A: Mr. Hyde reared his head in Nippert Stadium as the Bearcats were aggressive flying around to the ball and made some things happen.

There you have it… The Answers to our "5 Biggest Questions".

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