Five Big Questions WVU

We look at the five biggest questions as the Bearcats enter into uncharted waters looking to stake a claim for at least a part of the Big East title.

Pat White: The senior quarterback when on top of his game is a game changer.  In the past the Bearcats have really done a good job on White keeping him in check on most plays.  But it’s the few plays they don’t that have killed the Bearcats and seen White take the Mountaineers to victory. 


Big Question #1: Can the Bearcats keep Pat White in check and not allow him to make the big play?


Noel Devine: Don’t blink; you may miss Noel Devine taking a run into the endzone.  The Florida native is also a game changer and if he gets his game average he’ll go over the 1,000 yard mark for the season. 


Big Question #2: If the Bearcats keep Pat White in check can they keep Noel Devine from picking up the slack and changing the outcome of the game?


The Bearcats enter this week’s game as the top pass offensive team in the Big East with an average of 260 yards per game.  The Mountaineers are the second best pass defense in the Big East only giving up 186 yards per game.


Big Question #3: Can Tony Pike and the Bearcats receiver out perform the West Virginia defense throwing the football they way Brian Kelly likes to do?


Each week it seems as if the Bearcats have several penalties that stall or even stop drives.  In fact Cincinnati has an average per game of 66.1 yards in penalties with 59 yellow flags being accepted.  West Virginia on the other hand only averages 44.5 yards per game having seen the yellow rags fall a total of 40 times.


Big Question #4: Can the Bearcats have fewer penalties called against them in this big match-up?


Coming out of high school Pat McAfee was considered a major “Big Time” kicker with an accurate and booming leg.  Jake Rogers was a soccer player not many knew about.  In big games the outcome can come down to a kick needed for a victory and both teams feel they have a player that can give them a victory.  McAfee also does the punting chores for the Mountaineers and is right there with Kevin Huber who many consider one of the best.


Big Question #5: Who will see the kicking game change the game the most and help their team to a victory?


There you have it…  The Five Biggest Questions for Saturday’s game against West Virginia.  As Brian Kelly has told the media this is the biggest game for the Bearcats since joining the Big East Conference.  At least until next week.


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