History To Be Made?

Brian Kelly has talked since the day he stood up and was announced the Bearcats head coach there was one goal and only one goal. Win the Big East… Tonight, Kelly and his team could take the first step in achieving what Kelly stressed was possible. But some roadblocks are ahead starting tonight.

The University of Cincinnati has a few teams they've never beaten since entering the Big East Conference. West Virginia, Pittsburgh, Louisville have kept the Bearcats from taking the next step in the programs first three years in the conference. Now in year four can the Bearcats kick down the door?

Last season the Bearcats got Connecticut but failed with West Virginia the two teams that finished with 5-2 records and tied for first with West Virginia winning the head-to-head match-up against the Huskies in a 66-21 drubbing.

Now the Bearcats look to knock down the door in the Big East and win the most meaningful game in the history of the schools early time in the conference. There is no time for a mistake or a hiccup as we saw at Connecticut. It's time to cut bait and reel in a giant catch in the Mountaineers.

So if the Bearcats win in Morgantown you're looking at a team with a 3-1 conference mark tied with West Virginia but holding the head-to-head advantage. But the enjoyment of being in first and the program making history could be short lived as Louisville and Pittsburgh are still ahead on the schedule and we all know the success against those two teams in the past three seasons.

But if it's going to happen it has to start tonight. As many know my kid brother played at West Virginia and I've seen my share of Big East wins by those in the Blue & Gold. But I also watched as WVU had to open the same doors the Bearcats are looking to open.

The old Big East had Miami and Virginia Tech at the top when Rich Rodriguez took over the Mountaineers in 2001. Much like Kelly he talked of Big East Championships and in the process looked to knock off the big two. While he wasn't able to knock off Miami, he did knock off Virginia Tech a few times placing the Mountaineers at the top of the conference race and ready to dominate when the conference landscape changed.

Is it time for the next changing of the guard in the Big East?

We'll find out tonight when the Red & Black take the field and look to play there best game of the season.

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