Five Big Questions - "The Answers"

It's now time to look at the Insiders "Five Big Questions" to see how things went down. Did we hit on some subjects that made the Bearcats victory one closer than many felt? See for yourself.

Question #1: Can the Bearcats do something they've not done since 2002?

Answer: Yes, the Bearcats won the Keg of Nails for the first times since 2002 and keep themselves as the frontrunner for the Big East title.

Question #2: Can the Bearcats slow Victor Anderson who has posted 5 100-yard rushing games this season and is averaging 6-yards per carry?

Answer: Yes, Anderson only gained 60 net yards on 13 carries and his average was 4.6 yards. This was a key to the Bearcats victory with the many miscues that happened during the game.

Question #3: Louisville quarterback Hunter Cantwell has 11 interceptions on the season. Will the Bearcats defensive backs feast on Cantwell on Friday night?

Answer: Not really, but the Bearcats did bring down one interception when Mike Mickens pulled down one and returned it 28 yards. The Bearcats failed to put points on the board but did change field position.

Question #4: With the weather report calling for rain and wind, can the Bearcats get a running game going if weather conditions force them to run?

Answer: While I would have liked to have seen a more dominate running game you'd have to say the Bearcats did post a running game as they rushed for 131 net yards with a 4.2 yards per carry average. But they must stop the fumbling the football in the next two games.

Question # 5: If weather does become a factor, can the Bearcats win the special teams battle against the Cardinals?

Answer: While not his usually self Kevin Huber didn't have a bad game with only two punts. In the return game the Bearcats smoked the Cardinals. But as many know the kicking game saw three missed field goals that resulted in 9 missed points. Jake Rogers looks like a kicker who has lost his confidence as he missed kicks of 34, 39, and 43 yards. Will there be a competition among the kickers this week as the team gets ready for Pittsburgh? And if there is will Brandon Yingling be the one to win the job? We'll find out this week when the Bearcats start to get ready for the Panthers.

There you have it… Overall the Bearcats did an "OK" job with the Insiders "Five Big Questions" and pulled out a major victory bringing back the Keg of Nails.

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