More About "The Keg"

While the Keg of Nails has been around since 1929, not many really know much about it. content partner has more.

While Cincinnati and Louisville have battled for the Keg of Nails not many know much more about it than it's a traveling trophy between the two teams.

The belief is that the trophy was initiated by fraternity chapters on the two schools campuses signifying that the winning players in the game were as "tough as nails." But not much more is known.

Mark Dantonio got so upset that his team hadn't won the trophy he gave each player a nail to carry with them until they won it. Dantonio himself carried a nail in his pocket because it upset him so much that his teams hadn't retrieved the trophy until he left for Michigan State.

After coming close the past two seasons the Bearcats win on Friday night saw them bring the keg back to Cincinnati where it will have to have some work done to it.

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